AG Travel Diaries: Whitby!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I wrote an AG Travel Diaries post and it feels so good to be penning one yet again. We were supposed to go to Bulgaria for our holiday this year but after coronavirus happened, we decided to postpone it until next year in the interest of being safe. But since we still wanted to go away this year, we booked a bit of a last minute holiday to Whitby. What started out as just a substitute to our original Bulgarian holiday has turned into such a lovely holiday with so many great memories. I’m so grateful that we still got to have a holiday this year and that it was in one of my favourite areas because I love Whitby so much! So here is my AG Travel Diaries post about Whitby!

FRIDAY 31ST JULY: We spent most of the day travelling up to Whitby. We paused our journey at Scarborough so we could have our lunch and we had a little wander along the sea front. I was a bit annoyed that we were travelling for most of one of the hottest days of the year but there was nothing we could do about it.

The view of Scarborough

We reached the property by about 3:30 and got settled in and my grandparents (who stayed with us for a few days) arrived soon after that. The property was a place called Jay’s View and it was so nice there. It was spacious with classy furnishings and furniture and you could tell it had been cleaned really well (which is ideal during this pandemic). I would love to stay there again. After we’d eaten tea, we enjoyed an evening walk along the river front at Whitby before retiring to bed.

Pictures of the property
Our walk in Whitby

SATURDAY 1ST AUGUST: We set out in the morning for Sandsend, a beach which is about 5 minutes away from Whitby. It’s one of my favourite beaches because it’s so pretty and peaceful. We paddled in the sea, ate ice creams (mine was chocolate hazelnut flavoured) and enjoyed the general beach atmosphere. We also had a look in some of the shops that are in Sandsend and I picked up a couple of accessories since I’m redecorating my room soon and have decided to incorporate a sea theme into it. People were sensible when it came to social distancing and used the vast amounts of beach to their advantage so they could spread out away from other families. Overall, it was such a lovely first day of our vacation.

Sandsend beach

SUNDAY 2ND AUGUST: This day held our visit to Saltburn! Saltburn is about 30 mins away from Whitby and is a very long way from Hull hence why I’ve never visited it before. If I’m being perfectly honest, this day was a bit of a fiasco. We struggled to get parked and finally managed to about 10 minutes walk away from the beach. The sun was shining at this point. Then, as soon as we got on the beach, it clouded over but we didn’t really think much of it. About 30 mins later there was a clap of thunder and it began to chuck it down with rain. We all got absolutely drenched through! Thankfully, it only lasted for about 10 minutes but it was still dreadful to experience.

Saltburn beach

I think we had about an hour of clear, sunny weather and during that time, we took advantage of the lack of rain to paddle in the sea, eat our picnic and take pictures of the stunning beach huts that were there. They were bright and colourful and painted all different colours of the rainbow. However, after this, stormy clouds started to set in again. We rushed for the woods and managed to shelter there until the worst of the rain passed. What a disaster!

MONDAY 3RD AUGUST: We set off for Robin Hood’s Bay which is a gorgeous village near to Whitby. All its picturesque houses are built on a spiralling slope which eventually leads to a beach at the very bottom. I love Robin Hood’s Bay so much because it’s such an aesthetic place and the shops there are the cutest! We just meandered around for most of the morning, looking in the shops and we also walked along the beach. They had so many rock pools and I ended up collecting a lot of shells for my beach themed bedroom.

Robin Hood’s bay

In the afternoon, we had a walk around Whitby before returning home. It was such a sad night because my grandparents were travelling back to Chesterfield. I wished they could’ve stayed for the whole week to be honest but they had things they needed to get back for. Thankfully, we had spent a beautiful few days with them in Whitby and I was so grateful for that.

Whitby views

Once my grandparents had left, we drove for an evening stroll along Runswick Bay beach. It was my first time visiting and I instantly fell in love with it. I think sometimes when visiting a beach, your judgement of it can be clouded by the amount of tourists that are there because it distracts you from the beach itself. Being there at night meant I could fully immerse myself into the experience of being at this beach and it was amazing. The light that filtered through the clouds reflected onto the waves and caused them to glisten like jewels. In terms of scenery, I think this was probably the highlight of the holiday for me because of how breathtaking it appeared. I never wanted to leave. Walks on the beach at night are superior to walks on the beach in the day for definite.

Runswick bay

TUESDAY 4TH AUGUST: It was drizzling when we woke up in the morning and it continued for most of the day. We decided that it was the perfect day to visit Whitby since the rain might’ve scared off some of the tourists. Luckily it had and it wasn’t as busy as it usually was on a good weather day.

Whitby streets

We meandered around some of the independent shops that are there. We of course had to visit my favourites which are the Justin Chocolatier, Honeyz bath products and the Whitby book shop. I bought some fudge, some classic literature novels and some bath bombs for myself and my two best friends. We walked back to our house around lunchtime after we’d been inside all the shops we wanted to and had quite a chilled out afternoon and evening at the cottage, watching TV and playing card games.

Honeyz bath products

WEDNESDAY 5TH AUGUST: We set out in the morning for the North York Moors, in particular the part that housed the Falling Foss. The Falling Foss is a waterfall and there are different trails surrounding it which you can walk along and enjoy the scenery of. We had such a lovely morning exploring the different trails and finding the waterfall which was so beautiful to watch.

Then, our afternoon was spent on Whitby beach which ranked among the places that I hadn’t visited in ages. It’s such a nice beach with plenty of space, aesthetic beach houses, painted luminous, cheerful colours and of course plenty of astounding, massive waves. I read my book (‘One of us is next’ which is such a gripping novel. I love it so much!) and paddled in the sea even though it was freezing and I felt like my toes might just drop off.

Whitby beach

We finished the day off with takeaway pizza and chips from Porto’s Pizza. The pizza was so delicious with oozing cheese and rich tomato sauce under it and although the chips were great, they weren’t quite as amazing as the ones from our local takeaway (Al Capone) in Hull. We usually have chip spice on them which is a Hull speciality! After that, I’d been dying to go roller skating the whole time we’d been in Whitby so my parents granted my wish and took me to a car park near our holiday house so I could finally do one of my favourite things again. What a perfect way to end the day!

THURSDAY 6TH AUGUST: Our last full day in Whitby! We had originally planned to go to Sandsend beach for the day but we ended up at Whitby beach due to a lack of parking. Things did work out for the best though because we decided to have a go on the crazy golf course that was there which couldn’t have happened if we’d been in Sandsend. I’m personally a massive fan of crazy golf so I really enjoyed doing the course. My Dad ended up winning predictably because he’s really good at it. After that, we walked onto the beach and I sunbathed, dipped my feet into the rippling waves of the sea, took some beach photos and read my book again. We had an ice cream too and this time I had a raspberries and cream one which was so yummy. Our last night was mostly filled with packing and saying goodbye to the property.

My ice cream

FRIDAY 7TH AUGUST: We had to get up bright and early to exit the property by 9:00 so we took full advantage of that and travelled to Sandsend beach really early, stopping on the way to pick up breakfast. I opted to have a raisin danish and an iced passionfruit lemonade. We had our breakfast on the beach which was another first for me but I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again some time. We also had our lunch on the beach and ordered some delicious pizzas from one of the local cafes. The day was pretty much like most of the other beach days that we’d had except that it was so hot there. There were highs of 25 degrees throughout the day so I was happy that we were on the coastline because I dread to think how warm it was inland. It was the perfect way for us to end an incredible holiday.

Sandsend beach

Thank you for reading this post! How are you spending the summer? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This sounds like a lovely week away, except for the day you were on the beach and there was a thunderstorm! I love colourful beach huts so much, they always make for the more gorgeous photographs! I have read One Of Us Is Lying and loved it so interested to read One Of Us Is Next! Thank you for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was not one of my favourite times 😂 that day will probably go down as one of our most disastrous beach trips! They actually do 🤩 I’m sure you’ll love One of Us is Next too it’s such a gripping book! My pleasure ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds like you have had so much fun. I went to Bulgaria a few years ago and I enjoyed it so much, so I really hope you post about that when you end of going ☺️! Family holidays are so much fun and ones to cherished. Thank you for sharing your week with us – loving the pictures! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I used to live in the North East so all the places you visited are so familiar to me. Particularly Saltburn and Whitby! It was so lovely to read your post and be reminded of the beautiful places the North has to offer!

    Liked by 1 person

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