My braces journey!

Hey guys! I have literally had this post planned since Christmas but had to wait until further developments had happened. So my big announcement is that after 2 years, I’ve finally got my braces off! I’m so excited to finally have straight teeth because it makes me feel even more confident in my smile than I did before. I thought I would compose a post where I talk a bit about my experience of braces and what it’s actually like to have them on and get them off. Of course this is all my own experience and opinions and if you have any differences in your own personal experience I would love to hear all about it in the comments!

I first got my braces fitted on Friday 6th July 2018 which seems like a lifetime ago now. I had a few appointments before that to get some x rays done, do some moulds, take some photos of my teeth and prepare my teeth for the braces to go on. I would actually say that the worst part of all that was having the moulds done because you could only breathe out of your nose and it was really uncomfortable. I also had to have a few teeth removed so the remaining teeth could move around freely in my mouth (but we don’t talk about that because it felt like literal torture). After I’d completed all that, I finally got to have the braces on.

Just after I got the braces on

My teeth definitely needed the braces. Many of them were in awkward positions, leaving gaps in my mouth and I had a horrible one that had grown through my gum instead of below my gum like it should’ve. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes. They had to attach the little metal squares onto my teeth, hook wire through it and seal the wire through the squares with different coloured elastics. The elastics that I chose at my first appointment were a gorgeous turquoise blue and they were by far my favourite elastic colour that I ever had on my teeth. My teeth felt really weird and brittle like they could snap right off and I couldn’t get used to the sensation of the braces inside my mouth but I was glad to finally have them on.

What I wasn’t glad about was the pain that followed. I’d spent most of my week before getting braces on asking my friends who’d already got them about the pain and all of them said it really hurt to get them on. Unfortunately, they weren’t being dramatic. I was in agony for most of the day and no amount of painkillers could stop it. It was the worst pain I’d ever experienced next to cracking my head open and period cramps but maybe that’s because I’ve never experienced any really bad pain. My best friend Izzy got her braces on just before mine came off and she barely experienced any pain but maybe that’s because she’s experienced much worse pain than that and has a high pain threshold as a result.

I couldn’t eat as well and I ended up eating soft foods like soup, ice cream and yoghurt for the next week. Something that I remember vividly is going to Mcdonald’s with my friend Lydia the day after and taking ages to eat some fries and chicken selects. I had tear the food into small pieces to eat in and even then it still hurt to eat. My teeth felt so tight and fragile at this point.

Over time, the pain eased and I got used to the braces being in my mouth. The only way it really affected my life was the fact that I had to brush my teeth after every meal and it took me a lot longer to brush my teeth properly around the braces. Now, after brushing them like this for 2 years, it feels strange to go back to brushing them using the same technique pre-2018. The only time the braces really bothered me was at random times in the day when they’d ache (which I assume was my teeth moving into position) and every 2 months after I got them tightened. At a brace tightening appointment, all they did was insert a thicker wire and pull it tight to put more pressure on the teeth to move into the correct position. It hurt a lot more in the beginning when my teeth had a lot more moving to do but towards the end I didn’t even feel anything. The pain however was never as bad as when I first got them on.

My teeth spaced out more in Autumn 2018

It was incredible to watch my teeth move over the course of the two years. I went from having teeth that were all over the place to having these beautiful straight teeth. I can’t thank the Beverley Orthodontic Centre enough for what they did for me and I’ll always be very grateful. I was originally going to have my braces off on 6th April but due to the pandemic the orthodontist was shut at that time and only recently reopened. So instead I got them off on 13th August and I was so thrilled about it. It only took about 20 minutes as they had to remove the actual brace with the elastics, squares and wire and then they cleaned my teeth with this metal toothbrush. After that, I got the moulds done for my retainer (which was like the worst kind of deja vu) and had some photos taken of my teeth. I left with the promise that the retainer would be sent to me by post and would arrive soon.

My teeth after a year of braces
My teeth just before I got them off

It was so cool to see my friend’s and family’s reaction to me losing my braces. Some of them caught on instantly but some of them took some time to notice. But overall everyone was so happy that my teeth looked so good and I’d finally got my braces off.

My teeth after getting them off

I’ve now got to wear a retainer to keep my teeth from moving back to their original position. I’m going to wear it all the time for 6 weeks and then on a night for the rest of my life. It was pretty uncomfortable and tight at first but now I’ve got used to it I don’t really mind wearing it. I’ll pretty much do anything just to keep my teeth straight and this is the solution to that.

To everyone born with naturally straight teeth: I envy you slightly but in a way I’m glad I’ve been on this journey because the results are so satisfying.

To everyone who is getting braces or has braces right now: hang in there and don’t stress about it. You may feel pain now but I promise you it is so worth it in the end. Beauty is pain after all!

Thank you for reading this post! I would love to know about your braces experience so tell me all about it in the comments. There’ll be another post out soon but bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I never realised how much of a commitment braces are!! I remember being really jealous as a teenager because everyone else seemingly got braces and I never had them (thankfully!). Did you used to have to brush your teeth at school as well then?! xx

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  2. The pain is worth it!

    I remember the first week after I got braces! It was so painful that I only got to eat soup and other soft food only! It was really bad I think I’ve had a headache and body ache for that whole week!

    I recently just got my upper braces removed because of a dental emergency, it was a really good thing that my teeth were ligated already so my dentist could remove it. I still don’t know when my lower braces will be removed as but I can’t wait to finally get free from it!

    Also which kind of retainers do you use? For my upper teeth I have the Essix (clear plastic) retainers that I have to wear everyday for 1 year and every night for the rest of my life. 😳

    This is a really good post, Amelia! ❤️

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    • I really relate! Awww bless u. That’s so exciting! Hope you are okay with the dental emergency though. I don’t really know to be honest. I do know though that I had to wear the retainer every day for 6 weeks and now I only have to wear it on an evening xx


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