Freedom Festival part 2!

Hey guys! This is part 2 to my previous blog post about Freedom Festival 2021. For anyone who is new to my blog, Freedom Festival is an arts and culture festival which hosts acts from all over the world and runs from the end of August to the beginning of September. It is one of the best things about living in Hull! As I explained in my part 1 post, we grouped all our events from the festival into two days so all the events from this post happened on Saturday 4th September. As the festival has run for longer this year instead of just for the weekend like usual, it has been great to fit in lots of different events and enjoy some culture! I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival. So here is the run down of all our events from day 2!

The Visionary-Jon Hicks

This performance centred around the chaotic prophecies of a self claimed higher being. He was dressed in a long robe with long grey hair and a long grey beard. His first round of prophecies featured blatantly obvious things like people in the audience having hair of different colours or wearing denim jeans. Another person in the performance was acting as a die hard believer and hanging onto his every word. Ironically, he then reappeared as an answer to the visionary’s second prophecy about a man with a red suit and hat turning up late and causing trouble. He stirred up trouble by calling out the prophet’s lies so his hat was set on fire as retribution. Comically, he smeared some yellow on his hat and directed the audience to imagine it was ablaze. With the red clothes and fire, I think this character could represent Satan, God’s adversary in the battle between good and evil. After this, the visionary went crazy, predicting a pair of animals appearing, people arguing, a confused elephant and a ferocious beast rising up, all of which was brought to life. But the best part of the performance came right at the end when one of the performers acting as a council member came to shut the performance down. The visionary disappeared into the box he had been standing on and escaped disguised as one of the Freedom Festival volunteers that came to search for him. The performance overall was completely crazy but very entertaining and enjoyable.

League and Legend-15ft6

This act featured 3 talented artists with incredible acrobatic abilities. The performance was based around the Olympics and the artists acted out different sports using the acrobatic equipment they had there. For example, to represent rowing, one of them was on the seesaw board holding the two poles on either side whilst the others were on either end of the board with their bodies underneath it and they jumped along to make it seem like the makeshift boat was moving. I also loved how for skiing, two of them held the poles while the other one stood on top of the poles and they moved backwards and forwards to imitate the action of sliding along on the snow. They even imitated the sports tradition of being introduced by the name and country they represented and having a half time part to check in with the athletes. The problem was the Finnish acrobat spoke entirely in his own language for comedy so no one could understand a word he said! Plenty of daring tricks were also woven into the performance where they seemed to defy the laws of physics with the balance and motion that the movements demanded. Several times, I gasped as they flipped each other in the air and still landed perfectly balanced on the poles that were waiting to catch them. Overall, it was a spectacular performance that was entertaining and thrilling to watch for all of the audience!

Power-2Faced Dance Company

This performance explored different power dynamics and how power can shape our behaviour depending on if it is used well or abused. It centred around 3 performers who used expressive dance movements to demonstrate the shifts of power during the performance. There were moments of unison where all the performers seemed to move together in equality. But there was a box that elevated them above the others that each of them desired to be on top of. This represented power in the act so naturally they were all swayed by it. They desperately tried to pull one another off the box until in the end the other two accepted the strongest guy as the leader who could hold his own against them both. After that, a joyous element added to the performance like they were celebrating each having their own individual place in society. They finished the performance on the same level like even with different levels of power, they were still equal underneath it all. Overall, I really enjoyed watching their dance movements and the fact that it had an interesting story behind it.

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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