Pumpkin picking 2021!

Hey guys! My favourite season of the year is finally upon us and as it is starting to become a tradition for me, I went pumpkin picking to celebrate. As a family we carve pumpkins every year so my mission while pumpkin picking is usually to get some more exotic looking white or other coloured pumpkins that you can’t usually get from the supermarket. The pumpkin patch I usually visit is Sandy Bottom Pumpkins in Hedon which is one of the East Hull villages part of the outer suburbs of Hull. They offer very reasonable prices and the experience there has been very enjoyable for me over the last few years. So here is my experience of pumpkin picking this year!

2021 Sandy Bottom Pumpkins differed from last year in that you had to book a slot and pay a £1 booking fee. I didn’t mind too much especially as it didn’t seem as busy as it had the year before. I remember that we had to queue for about 10 minutes to pay for our pumpkins whereas this year we just walked straight through to pay for them. In hindsight, it had started to rain the year before so this may have been the reason why there was a mad rush for the exit.

The sun was shining, the air was mild and the pumpkins were plentiful. It was a perfect autumnal day that we had chosen to book our slot. We collected a wheelbarrow on the way in and I knew full well that I would spend most of the time trying not to take part in pushing it. As always, everyone had slightly different things that they were looking for, myself included. Our interests ranged from the mini pumpkins to bigger orange ones to any interesting ones that were not orange. We did all manage to find pumpkins that satiated our requirements and loaded up the wheelbarrow almost to the top. Had any more of our friends joined us, I think we might have needed to get an extra wheelbarrow.

I was very impressed with the range of pumpkins that they had this year. I was able to pick up a white, green and even grey coloured one that I knew would contrast beautifully with the orange ones we had already bought at the supermarket. I was also shocked with the prices as well. I had resigned myself to the fact that one of the ones I had picked was definitely going to be a medium so imagine my disbelief when it turned out to be classed as a small and I paid £6 overall for my 3 pumpkins. I don’t know how the prices compare to other patches but £2 for a small, £4 for a medium and £6 for a large seems pretty good to me.

Alongside the pumpkin patch they also had a sunflower section and a corn maze. The sunflowers were mostly dying because I think they had probably been there since the summer so I think it would’ve been hard to find any really amazing ones. The corn maze was entertaining but I think it was probably more aimed at kids as we managed to solve it in about 5 minutes. Or maybe it was mine and my friend’s amazing sense of direction. You decide.

Overall, I had a lovely afternoon at Sandy Bottom Pumpkins. They have a great range of pumpkins for reasonable prices so what is not to enjoy! I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading this post! What is your favourite season? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. ‘We collected a wheelbarrow on the way in and I knew full well that I would spend most of the time trying not to take part in pushing it.’ This was funny 😅 sounds like a great day and so cool you got different coloured pumpkins! How fun! I’d like to get a mix of pumpkin colours one day too, setting the intention for next year! Have a great Autumn lovely! Xx


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