Nan’s memories of the Queen

Hey guys! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ll know that sadly Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday 8th September 2022 at Balmoral Castle. She served her country faithfully for 70 years and passed on peacefully to go and be with the Lord. My Great Nan, who is 104 years old, has lots of memories of the Queen and the monarchy from across her lifetime so this blog post will share those memories with you all. These are all her words that I have transcribed into this post and I hope you will all enjoy reading it!

“I was born in 1918 and I am 104. My first memories of seeing the Royal Family was in 1925, when King George and Mary visited Nottingham (where I was born) and all the children from local schools were taken to a park to see them. They drove through the gate of the park and the King stood up and gave a speech to us all. We were all given a paper bag with an iced bun for us to eat.

I remember the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret being born and their Uncle was King Edward, who abdicated as he wanted to marry Mrs. Simpson. So, Elizabeth’s father George became King and he wasn’t in the best of health. This meant that the two princesses would need a nanny so their nurse became their nanny so that the new King and his wife could travel about. The nanny had no relatives and lived at Windsor Castle to care for the two princesses who became very close to her.

When the young Elizabeth met Philip, she knew immediately that she wanted to marry him, as she was very much in love with him. When they got married, they hoped to have several years before she became Queen. However, this wasn’t to be! They were on holiday in Kenya when her father died. Elizabeth was very close to her father and the Royal Family knew that she would be very upset to hear the news. Therefore, Philip was told first, and he had to break the news to her that her father had died, and she was now Queen Elizabeth. I remember her going away in brightly coloured clothes but arriving back in black clothes, which had been specially flown over for her. She appeared from the plane very drawn and tearful as she loved her father King George very much. The new Queen, her sister and the Queen mother wore black veils at his funeral.

When Queen Elizabeth had her coronation, we hadn’t got a television and we went to elderly relatives in Leicester as they had recently bought a black and white television. We weren’t offered a cup of tea or any food as we were told ‘As you are younger than us, you will see more coronations and we won’t.’ As my eyesight has now gone, I won’t be able to see King Charles’ coronation.

I saw Queen Elizabeth in 1955 when she went to Nottingham. She was driven down a narrow one-way street and we sat outside a Methodist chapel waiting for her to appear. We stood up and when she passed, we had eye contact. A special moment. I also saw her riding a pony in Windsor Great Park. During WWII, we often saw pictures of Elizabeth in a khaki uniform servicing the army trucks as she and Margaret wanted to be a part of the wartime effort.

Queen Elizabeth has made sure that she has spent time with her family. She has been a marvellous mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She has always taught them about Christianity and told them to turn to God in hours of need. I have been lucky enough to have had 3 special cards from the Queen with her own signature. These were in 2005 to celebrate my diamond wedding anniversary, in 2010 to celebrate my 65th wedding anniversary and in 2018 to celebrate my 100th birthday. Each card has a different photo and message with her signature. A very precious momento for me.

I have always listened to the Queen’s Christmas day message since her first speech in 1932. When I was asked about my feeling about her death my reply was ‘You can’t be sad because she is now with her beloved Philip’. In 2002 she said: ‘I know just how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad…… I put my trust in God.”
Florence Chettle – 13th September 2022

Thank you all for reading this post! It’s very special for me to have the opportunity to share Nan’s memories with you all and mark this moment in history through this post. There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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  1. That’s wonderful, Amelia. Your Gran is an amazing lady and you will treasure her memories of the Queen forever! I am printing it out to show my grandchildren!


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