Ings Park Alpacas experience!

Hey guys! For my A level results day a few weeks ago, I chose to visit Ings Park Alpacas which is near North Cave. I’ve always liked the idea of walking an Alpaca so this dream was accomplished when we got to visit the Alpaca farm. It was such an amazing way to celebrate results day and I’m very much looking forward to returning back there very soon. So here’s my insight into our Ings Park Alpaca experience!

We booked in for the Alpaca experience at 12pm and we were taken out with a big group of people where each person walked their own alpaca. We had looked through the photos of the alpacas before visiting and I had set my heart on walking Lyla because she looked so cute in her photo. So I requested to walk her, my mum requested Olive and my sister requested Millie. They were accommodating of these requests and we were allowed to walk our alpacas of choice.

The experience started off with us feeding and stroking the alpacas. They loved the food and the attention and lapped it all. The woman leading the walk introduced all of the alpacas to us and told us cool facts about them and their personalities. It stuck out to me that Lyla had some kind of muscle deformity in her face meaning she had an extra wide pouch in her cheek to store food and one of her ears was a bit lopsided. Just like humans all the alpacas had very distinct personalities and characteristics and it was really cool to see this across the course of the walk.

Next, our alpacas had harnesses and leads put on them and they were ready to be taken for a walk. I got the measure of Lyla straight away when she immediately stooped down to eat the scraps of food left on the floor. I managed to coax her into walking and so we began our walk. Lyla liked to walk at a fairly steady pace near the front of the group and as I discovered later on, it was probably because she was trying to catch up to her friends Colada and Hedwig. They were all part of the original alpacas that arrived at the farm so naturally they have a strong bond with each other. I enjoyed giving her lots of cuddles and stroking her lots throughout the walk. She seemed to be a very placid alpaca whose main motivation in life is food. We kept stopping so Lyla could snack on the grass and then marching on again so she could catch up to Colada and Hedwig.

About half way through the walk, we arrived at the obstacle course and we were directed to guide our alpacas through it. On the first time going round it, Lyla was willing to do it although she tried to avoid some of the obstacles. However, on the second time of doing it, I had to drag her away from some plants that she was snacking on so her motivation levels were pretty low already. She decided half way through to begin rolling around in the tall grass and it took a lot of coaxing to get her on her feet again and participating in the obstacle course. But we did manage to get to the finish line in the end!

After this, we finished off the walk and headed back to the farm. I was sad to part from Lyla but I was cheered by the prospect of feeding the sheep, goats and the other alpacas who did not participate in the walk. All of these animals loved the food and the attention and it was a great way to finish off our time at the farm. I cannot recommend this experience enough to you! We had such a lovely time and I’m looking forward to visiting again soon. The farm is hosting Alpaca Fest over the weekend so you should definitely check that out and purchase some tickets for it if you live in this area! Click here for the website which will provide you with more information and the opportunity to book tickets.

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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  1. Your description of the day is brilliant. What a wonderful experience for everyone. The Alpacas are certainly delightful animals x


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