Bert’s pasta bar review

Hey guys! Recently the much loved Bert’s restaurants which are located in Brandesburton and Hull expanded further to include a pasta bar which is also located in Hull at the top of Humber street. It still has a focus on Italian cuisine like the other restaurants but in contrast, the pasta bar serves tapas dishes which are ideal for sharing with other people. I’ve previously been to a tapas restaurant in Derbyshire so I had some idea of what to expect but I was still excited to try something completely different from what I’m used to. It was a very enjoyable meal and I’m already looking forward to my next trip there. Here are my thoughts on my experience of dining at Bert’s pasta bar!

Stepping into the restaurant, I loved how they had decorated the interior. There was a real focus on nature with lots of fake plants being draped across the walls and along the ceiling. The wooden tables were arranged in a semi circle around the bar that was central to the restaurant. Oval glowing lights dangled from the ceiling adding to the classic effect that the rest of the decor created. Although it bore some resemblance to the other Bert’s restaurants, there was some differentiation to mark it out as unique from them. We were seated at the table in the corner with a lovely view out of the window of Humber Street and the marina.

I had looked at the menu before coming and decided that it seemed best for me and my friends to order individual pasta dishes and share about 4 tapas dishes between us. We ordered breads with oil, Italian nachos with a trio of dips, tomato and basil arancini and fried calamari with alioli. For the first dish, we received three pieces of crusty bread and three breadsticks to dip into an olive oil dip. It was very typical of what you would expect as a starter at other Italian restaurants but it still had a beautiful taste. The Italian nachos were perfectly crispy and seasoned slightly with salt. The dips we had to choose from were a garlic dip, a green dip that reminded me of pesto and a red spicy dip that reminded me of sweet chili sauce. It was very enjoyable and I thought it was very clever to put an Italian twist on a much loved classic recipe. The tomato and basil arancini perfectly blended the flavours of both ingredients and there was a subtle splash of wine which really added to the overall flavour. This dish was especially liked by all of us especially after eating the fried calamari with alioli. In truth, I didn’t know that calamari was squid before the food came but I am always up for trying new things. The salty coating of the calamari was absolutely delicious but the calamari itself was quite chewy and hard to eat. It was nothing to do with the way they prepared it as calamari is just like that. However, I would probably select that as my least favourite out of our tapas dishes just down to individual preference. On the other hand, my favourite tapas dish was definitely the Italian nachos with their delightful crunchy texture and interesting but tasty selection of dips. Overall, the tapas dishes cost us £16 so it was about £5.30 each to pay which I think is very reasonable for what we had.

In terms of the pasta dishes, I eventually chose to order the tagliatelle cacio e pepe which translates as cheese and pepper pasta. You do receive smaller portions of the pasta so I would say based on that the tapas dishes are slightly better value for money. However, my pasta dish was really enjoyable so I was pleased that I had chosen it. The tagliatelle pasta was coated in a deliciously creamy cheese sauce and pepper was sprinkled over it to contribute to the distinctive taste. It was a truly beautiful dish but I had to keep taking breaks because the pepper was too much for my weak taste buds. It was exciting to try cuisine that originates from Rome and I would definitely consider ordering it again on my next visit.

I was pretty resolute in my aim to not have any dessert after those delicious main courses. However, having already had the triple chocolate brownie at one of the other Bert’s restaurants, it was too hard to resist the temptation of ordering it. When I say this is the best brownie I have ever had (apart from my mum’s brownies!), I literally mean it. It’s slightly warmed so all the chocolate chips inside it melt and it has the perfect consistency and taste in that it is gooey and just the right amount of sweet. It is a bit on the expensive side at £3.95 however, I can confidently say it is well worth it and I hope they never take it off the menu.

Overall, my meal cost me £16.28 which I think is fairly reasonable considering I had the equivalent of a main course and a dessert. I had a lovely dining experience at Bert’s pasta bar and I cannot recommend it enough! I’m looking forward to my next trip there already.

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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  1. The food all sounds delicious. I look forward to going there with you some time!! An interesting and well written blog.


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