Reflecting on 2021!

Hey guys! It is hard for me to believe that 2021 is coming to an end and I am in the process of writing another one of these posts. As much as 2021 got off to a pretty awful start, I’ve had so many good moments across the year and it has been an amazing year overall. I feel blessed to also have kept my blog going for another year and I can’t believe I will be celebrating my five year blogiversary in January 2022. Thank you so much for following my blog and for your continued support of it. I hope you enjoy reading my reflection of 2021!


In October, Hull welcomed Floodlights, an outdoor event with 3 different light projections scattered across the city centre. In particular, I really enjoyed ‘Overflow’ which used Trinity House Academy as a 3D canvas to project images onto. The projections followed a nautical theme inspired partly by the school’s rich nautical history. I relished watching the bright, vibrant images that flashed across the building and seeing my fellow Hullenzians turning out in great numbers to enjoy it as well only made it better.


As a literature nerd, book reviews are some of my favourite posts to write so naturally, I am awarding my favourite post of 2021 to my review of Austen’s Emma. I’m really proud of my writing style within this post and the way I presented my opinions and ideas. It was also exciting to write about a book that I love so much. Emma will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first classic novel that I ever read and really loved so to have a permanent reminder of this in the form of a book review on my blog is amazing.

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Despite covid-19, I still visited a range of beautiful places in 2021 including Devon, North Yorkshire and Bedfordshire. I have managed to narrow my favourite place down to two places which fall into two categories: my favourite holiday overall and my favourite specific place that I’ve visited this year.

My favourite holiday happened in May when we travelled down to Devon and spent the week there. It is as spectacular as I had always imagined it to be and it was the perfect chance for me to disconnect from reality before I had mocks at school (boo!). We stayed in a gorgeous property in Westward Ho! which had a balcony overlooking the sea. On an evening, we watched first hand as the sun projected vibrant pinks and oranges into the sky during the sunset that cast a stunning hue over the waves below. We also visited other tourist hot spots while we were there such as Appledore, Clovelly and Woolacombe, all of which were equally beautiful. I’m looking forward immensely to visiting Devon again apart from the long car ride that will inevitably accompany it.

My favourite specific place that I’ve visited this year was Hitchin Lavender that we stumbled upon whilst we were on holiday in Bedfordshire. The idea of a lavender field has always seemed dreamy to me especially since I like flowers and the colour purple. It really lived up to my expectations and I captured some gorgeous photos whilst we were there. Experiencing nature first hand like that is so important to me and I cannot recommend Hitchin Lavender enough as a result of this.


A lot has happened this year thus there is a lot to be thankful for. In terms of personal achievements, I passed my driving theory test in May and I am now just waiting to have my first attempt at my practical driving test. I was supposed to have it on 17 December but partially icy roads stopped me and it has now been rescheduled for February. Hopefully, I will be able to bring it further forward because I’m itching to be able to have a go at passing it. In addition, I am now the creator and editor in chief of Holderness Headlines, our college magazine. It has been in the works since late February and I just recently released my first edition thanks to my amazing team of journalists and graphic designer. I’m hoping to release a couple more editions before I leave sixth form but it was so amazing to see my idea finally come to life. Also, I submitted my university application and have received three offers so far. The thought of university both scares and excites me and it is fast approaching. I feel very thankful to have received those offers and now I just need to earn the grades to secure them.

I’m lucky to have some incredible people in my life who I have created some incredible memories with this year. Parties, meals out, walks, pumpkin picking, movie nights, picnics… the list is endless. Although I didn’t find January and February easy, walking with people and face timing my friends and family to stay in touch was a massive boost to me and helped me to survive lockdown as a result. As the restrictions were slowly lifted, it felt so good to spend time with the people I loved again no matter what we were doing. I can look back on the year and definitely say that I am happy with how I have spent my time and who I have spent it with.

My faith in God has also increased during this year that has certainly had its challenges. He is perfect and holds me fast through situations that I cannot often survive on my own. Being a Christian changed my life forever and continues to change me for the better every year.

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Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be more coming next year but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull x

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