5 things to do while having a day out in Hull!

Hey guys! With the summer holiday upon us, I thought this would be a helpful post for anyone who is thinking of coming to Hull for a day trip. As a self appointed Hull tour guide, I have constructed a suggestion of what you might want to do to entertain yourself in this vibrant city. This includes meal options and morning and afternoon activities. Of course there are so many other places to see and go to besides these but it would be hard to fit all of Hull’s best bits into only a day. Maybe if I do a part two you could travel back for a return visit… So here is my Hull day trip travel guide!

  • Visit Hull Minister: Personally, I don’t see how you could come to Hull and not visit this stunning building which has its home in Trinity square. It’s gorgeous both inside and out and has some beautiful detail in its architecture. I also absolutely love the stained glass windows with their vibrant colours and passionate scenes. What a perfect place to snap some of your first photos in Hull! There’s even a cafe inside for if you get a bit peckish and need a refreshment break. It’s also ideal for visiting Prince Street which is nearby and is Hull’s hidden beauty. It’s an aesthetic dream and an instagrammer’s paradise.
  • Head to Liquid Jade for a spot of lunch: Walking up from Hull Minister should connect you to the shopping centre Princes Quay and then Whitefriargate. At the end of this cobbled street, there should be an arch with a sign on the ground pointing to Liquid Jade. This cafe is tucked away in a courtyard, another one of Hull’s hidden gems. It’s my favourite place for lunch in Hull with gorgeous decor, friendly staff and food that is both affordable and tasty. I also love that they don’t just stick to the classic options for lunch. They offer things like Feta, Tomato and Avocado on toast or Wensleydale cheese with crumpets which I would definitely recommend. The cakes are just as amazing as well; my personal favourites are the brownie and the chocolate orange cake. Liquid Jade also specialise in having a variety of teas so there are some pretty cool drink options too.
  • Stroll down Humber Street: After an amazing lunch, I would recommend walking back up to Princes Quay and then crossing over Hull’s new and iconic Murdoch’s connection bridge to reach Humber Street. This up and coming street is home to a wide range of shops, restaurants and even an art gallery. You could spend hours exploring the art gallery and the various independent shops that live down there. Personally, I have always found that the art gallery offers some interesting and unique exhibitions with lots of different art work to admire. I’ll definitely be planning a visit there again soon!
  • Admire the sea life in the Deep: An absolute must when visiting Hull is the Deep, one of the best aquariums in the UK. They have a wide range of sea life from fish to sharks to even penguins. The penguins were a highly anticipated addition to the Deep a few years ago and ever since then they have drawn crowds from far and wide and captured hearts with their funny antics. It’s always fascinating to watch any of the creatures in the Deep and I’ve always been impressed with the care that the animals receive from the workers too. It’s a great activity for people of all ages and a definite pro to visiting Hull.

  • Finish off with tea at Bert’s: Of course after such a jam packed day, you’ll be absolutely ravenous and desperate for a good meal to sustain you. Bert’s is absolutely the answer to this with their incredible Italian style food. They offer pizzas, garlic breads and ice cream that is completely to die for and their unique options for pizza toppings are both interesting and delicious. Creamy gelato ice cream is their speciality with a wide variety of flavours to choose from. Their classic wooden interior is absolutely stunning and you even get a lovely view of the Deep from a seat in their restaurant. What a perfect way to end off your day in Hull!

I hope this was a helpful blog post and I hope that it may have convinced you to visit Hull. I am so proud to be from this beautiful city! If you do decide to come, I totally volunteer as tour guide. Let me know in the comments section what is on your summer bucket list. There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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