Lockdown 3 highlights!

Hey guys! Seeing as lockdown is coming to an end soon in the UK, I thought I would serve you all with a post about my favourite parts of lockdown. I think its important that we normalise finding good and bad bits in lockdown and the pandemic. Although it is hard, I don’t think it’s impossible to find positivity in our current situation and that’s what I always strive to do. I hope that you enjoy reading my highlights and I hope that lockdown has gone okay for you. The end is in sight now!

  • Walks: I have spent most of lockdown going on walks and I really didn’t think I could love them anymore but here we are! I’ve been on walks with both friends and family (because of the “exercise with one other person rule”) which has been lovely and has been my new way of socialising in lockdown. I feel like it has helped me to grow my friendships and stay connected with others during these difficult times. I have also explored new and familiar places on my walks and enjoyed some pretty beautiful scenery. I have to say that there is no better feeling than being outside!
  • Snow: At the beginning of February, after waiting in for suspense for many months, it finally snowed across the whole of the UK. This was the first snow we had seen in about 3 years so it was very welcomed and really cheered me up in lockdown. Waking up to a white blanket of snow across my garden made me feel like it was Christmas morning all over again. On the Tuesday after it had first snowed, I went on a walk with my friend Sonia. It was amazing because snow began to sprinkle from the sky as we were walking and once we reached a nearby park, it looked like a winter wonderland. I am so glad that I got to experience a walk in the snow and it makes me excited for the next time that I will.
  • Chess: A new hobby I have started in lockdown is chess which I have absolutely fallen in love with. It’s a game of high strategy and one false move can cost you the whole game. I have to admit the rules are quite complicated especially when it comes to the ways in which the pieces can and can’t move but I think once you have the hang of it, it becomes a lot easier and a lot more fun to play.
  • Murder mystery party: we had our third murder mystery party in yet another lockdown with our granny and grandad participating from Chesterfield on Skype. This time I got to play the part of Lola Cabana whilst trying to figure out who the murderer was. I think murder mystery parties are great because they give you an excuse to dress up a little and eat good food whilst solving a crime. What’s not to love? I will definitely be organising one for my friend group as soon as we are allowed to all meet up together outside of a school setting.
  • Hot tub: we were still in lockdown during February half term so as a way of entertaining ourselves, we rented a hot tub. We had previously done this for my sister’s birthday back in December and we all really enjoyed it. I think it’s an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate yourself especially in the stressful confines of the third lockdown we’ve experienced now. I would definitely recommend renting a hot tub whether it’s with family or friends as it is so much fun and so calming.
  • Netflix: I don’t quite know how but for the past few years we have managed to survive without Netflix. I think it’s partly because my best friends have it so whenever I want to watch something, I visit their houses. But I think it’s also because my parents were never really bothered about having it. Until they collectively decided they wanted to watch the Crown and caved on the Netflix debate thus launching us into this strange new world of having so many films and TV shows right at our fingertips. So far, I’ve watched Fate: the Winx saga, Emily in Paris, the Queen’s Gambit and the Baby sitters club and I’m watching Teen Wolf with my sister. It’s really fun to be able to watch so many TV shows and it’s nice to actually join the modern world on this matter.
Walks at Mappleton beach
A walk with my best mate ❤
Mine and Sonia’s walk in the snow
My chess set
The best cheesecake at our murder mystery party
Movie night snacks

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. First of all, that cheesecake looks amazing! Was it homemade or bought from a store?
    Renting a hot tub sounds like such a boujee idea! It’s a shame I only have a shared garden because otherwise I would definitely be renting one! Not sure the neighbours would like us using the hot tub…
    My boyfriend actually stopped paying for Netflix for about three months and I never noticed lol! I also really enjoyed Bridgeton but like all period dramas, there is a lot of sex haha so depends how comfortable you feel watching that. I am currently re-watching Gilmore Girls which is such a wholesome TV series. xx

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