Visting Burton Agnes!

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well in lockdown. This week’s post is going to be about Burton Agnes, a local country house in East Yorkshire with stunning gardens and a beautiful woodland walk. I visited it a couple of times when I was younger but I hadn’t been in years up until my visit on Monday 15th February. There was a certain familiarity there as if I was coming home to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while which I welcomed. We mainly went because of the snowdrops that coat the ground in the transition from Winter to Spring and I have to say that they certainly didn’t disappoint! The weather was pretty much perfect and all in all it was an afternoon well spent! So here is my blog post all about Burton Agnes!

Burton Agnes is a stately home that is located in Driffield, East Yorkshire. Since we are still in a lockdown, they were encouraging people from the local area to travel to it and you had to book a slot to arrive at. There were just the right amount of people there which was good because I think a place can lose its beauty when it’s swarming with people and it was easy to social distance with all the open space. I marvelled at the grandness of its house which towered above us. Immediately as we entered I could see hedges shaped like raindrops that were dotted across the vast gardens and a fountain that upon closer inspection was partly frozen over. I was relieved that the weather was much warmer particularly after the cold and wet weekend we had had and I welcomed the warmth of the sun as it emerged through the clouds and shone down on us. It felt as though the first signs of Spring were developing which excited me since apart from snow and Christmas I don’t really like winter and I much favour the other 3 seasons of the year.

Entering the woodland, we meandered along the path and almost instantly spotted the snowdrops. It was quite hard not to when they were sprinkled across the ground like a snowy white coat. They are such a dainty flower but surprisingly strong since they push themselves up through the ground at one of the coldest times of the year. I’ve always thought tulips were my favourite flower but maybe snowdrops are now at risk of replacing them!

The path was very familiar to me since I had completed the same walk years ago when I was in reception and another time when we had visited as a family. Those burrowed away memories that were associated with it crept back in and we even recreated a picture that had been taken of my sister and I all those years ago. Most of all, I just enjoyed the indescribable feeling of being outside in the mild weather surrounded by a stunning forest and gorgeous snowdrops. After 2020 and the several lockdowns we have now experienced in the UK, I have realised that my heart lies with being outdoors and no matter the weather I will always want to be outdoors (well maybe not if it is torrential rain!) As a result I have a new found appreciation for walks and nature which had never really been there before.

After we had looped around the woodland, we decided to explore the walled garden. The garden was looking quite sorry for itself due to the fact most things had died during the winter. But new plants and seeds had been planted ready for Spring so I’m sure a couple of months on it will look much different. We continued on into the next section which was filled with life size board games such as chess, draughts and snakes and ladders. I made a beeline straight for the chess set and I’m sure me and my mum would’ve played a game together if we had a bit more time. Sadly we didn’t so I spent about 5 minutes stood fangirling over how brilliant it was. We exited the main gardens and then finished off our trip with a hot chocolate and a brownie for my sister. What a lovely afternoon!

Thank you for reading this post! What’s your favourite flower? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I too have discovered a love for nature and National Trust over this past year seeing as it was often one of the only places we could visit. If you ever head down South to London, I will have to let you know all of my favourites.
    My favourite flowers are sunflowers. I love that they either turn towards the sun or each other 🙂
    You should definitely check out The Queen’s Gambit if you love chess (although maybe in a few years, I am aware there is an age gap between us!). xx

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    • I’m so glad that is one positive thing that has come out of coronavirus for you! I will definitely let you know if I am ever in London because that would be great. Sunflowers are so pretty and yeah that is so nice 🥺 I’ve just finished binging it and I loved it! Xx

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