5 things you can do during this coronavirus December!

Hey guys! Obviously this whole year has been really weird with coronavirus and the pandemic it has subsequently created. I can’t even remember what normal feels like anymore to be honest. With that in mind, it has obviously affected what we can do in December this year too. Usually, I like to go to Christmas markets, have family get togethers and go to Christmas church services but some of those things aren’t actually possible in this current climate. So I thought I would share some things that we can still do within the current rules and regulations to spread Christmas cheer. I am catering it to all three tiers within the UK since I recognise that many places in the UK (including Hull) are in tier 2 or 3 which restricts us quite a bit.

1. Walk (or drive) around your local area and look at the Christmas lights

This is a widespread idea that I have seen on social media this year and I think it’s really clever. Not only does it follow the current rules but it is free and is something really cute to do. Often, some people go all out with Christmas lights and while not everyone puts them up, I’d be willing to bet that most houses will have some form of outside light decoration. I remember last year that there were some incredible Christmas lights outside a house near where my grandparents live which we stopped off specifically to see. Why not make this the year that you observe and appreciate some of the locals hard work in decorating the outside of their houses or gardens?

2. Form a Christmas bubble

The government announced a few weeks ago that from the period from the 23rd to 27th December you may form a temporary bubble with two other households over the Christmas period. This means that seeing our family and friends over Christmas is within the rules and how exciting is that! Personally, I will be forming a bubble with my grandparents and my Auntie and her household (as long as none of us have to isolate in the next two weeks) and I’m super happy about it. I know not everyone is choosing to do this for various reasons but the fact we are even allowed to see our family and friends at Christmas when there was much speculation about it before is a cause for celebration.

A Christmas family selfie

3. Outdoor Christmas activities

Thankfully some outdoor Christmas events are still able to go ahead this year. There are some outdoor light trails at places like Chatsworth House (Derbyshire), Lightwater Valley (North Yorkshire) and Stockeld Park (North Yorkshire). Other events like Winterfest in London, the Blenheim Palace illuminated light trail in Oxford and Lightopia (Manchester, Yorkshire), will also go ahead this year as normal which is really exciting. Some events like Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland are scheduled to occur early on next year which is definitely better than them being cancelled all together. I feel really lucky that we still have some Christmas events to go to this year even if we can’t have the wide selection that we normally do.

4. At home Christmas activities

Part of what makes this season so special is the fun activities that we all do every year at home. There’s Christmas baking where you can make mince pies, Christmas biscuits, cake and even decorate gingerbread houses. You can watch a plethora of different Christmas movies. For me personally, I will be watching ‘Last Christmas’ again because that film is so emotional and made me cry so much when I watched it at the cinema last year. Listening to Christmas music is a fun way to spend your time. I often pair it with wrapping presents so I feel extra festive. If you’re a crafty sort of person, there are a myriad of different Christmas crafts that you can do as well. How lucky are we that we have so many Christmas themed things we can do from the comfort of our own homes!

Our gingerbread house!

5. Online and outdoor carol concerts

Every single year without fail I have been at my church’s Christmas carol concert and the last few years I have played flute in the band. This is the first year that the service can’t happen as it normally would indoors. But as I understand it, we are having a socially distanced, outdoor one instead which I’m sure will be amazing. If other churches near you aren’t offering an outdoor carol service, they may be doing online ones instead which although different to usual are still a great way to sing some of your favourite carols.

Thank you for reading this post! What are your plans for this December? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be a new post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This Christmas has been such a strange one, it is so important that we all stay positive in these times and don’t feel too down about missing out on the usual Christmas markets and parties. I love how positive you are in this post about making the post of what we have, a Christmas light drive and festive baking sounds amazing and is on my festive to do list! xx

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  2. Oh Amelia, this post did not age well!
    There is a famous road of Christmas decorations near to where my parents live and growing up we used to drive there every year to have a look at all the decorations. I have definitely seen a lot of influencers in America doing that this year as well and think it is an incredible idea.
    Definitely all for the at home Christmas activities – I love baking (made some gingerbread the other day which are incredible!) and making gingerbread houses (mine never stays together) and decorating the house. Moving out of my parent’s house definitely made me realise how fussy I am with Christmas Decorations!!
    I hope you have an amazing Christmas & a Happy New Year Amelia. May 2021 be all we need it to be! 🙂 xx

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    • Ik considering we began the new year in a lockdown and tier 4 hit just before Christmas 🤡 that sounds really cool! Yeah I think it probably is an American trend to be honest. Christmas baking is the best! I hope you are doing well at the moment xx

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