Angels of the North review!

Hey guys! This is my first TV show review and in the spirit of championing the north of England which I aim to do on this blog, I picked a TV show which I’m obsessed with at the moment named ‘Angels of the North’. It follows the hairdressers of Newcastle based super salon Longlox, giving audiences an insight into the lives and personalities of the people that make up the tight knit group of the salon. They epitomise the phrase ‘friends so close you would consider them family’ which I think is part of the show’s appeal, showing them supporting each other on and off the salon floor. There are tears, smiles and lots of laughs and as far as reality TV goes, it is absolute gold. The geordie accents are amazing, the people are real and relatable and to be honest, I’m pretty close to taking an impromptu trip to Newcastle just so I can get my hair done at Longlox salon. So here are my impressions of ‘Angels of the North’.

Hair is everything in this city and I want everyone to come here to get it.

Sammyjo Pearson, owner of Longlox

There are two seasons so far of this show. Season one is set towards the end of 2019 and it came out in December of 2019. Season two is split into two due to the coronavirus pandemic; the first 4 episodes are set in February/March 2020 and document the run up to the pandemic and the rest of the episodes are spread across July/August 2020 and reveal the reopening of the salon after lockdown. The contrast between these 3 parts of the show is clear in that season one is very relaxed with life as normal as could be, season 2 episode 1-4 is pretty scary especially episode 4 as they travel on this journey towards lockdown and season 2 episode 5-14 is filled with the faces masks and social distancing guidelines that we have now become accustomed to.

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I could barely watch season 2 episode 4. It was a brilliant episode and a piece of living history in itself as it was set the week before national lockdown but it was frightening and reminded me of how I felt that week myself with all the uncertainty. It’s such a powerful episode and watching it in June with some foresight was extremely weird. The girls embodied the typical response to coronavirus at the time, believing that it would all be gone in 2 weeks. One of the extensionists Saffron even joked to Sammyjo, the owner, about having the lockdown in the salon. It’s a sad picture when they decide to shut the salon on Thursday 19th March just days before the national lockdown.

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I think the reason why I love it so much is because of how real and authentic it feels. You feel part of the salon life as you discover the friendship dynamics, relationships and personalities of the Longlox girls. Sammyjo, the owner, is centre stage in both seasons but she’s so likeable and you can tell that she cares so much about her employees and her salon. You go on a journey with her in terms of her relationships first seeing her date Tom and then latterly Gary. She’s bubbly, friendly and has a special friendship with each one of the girls. There’s Saffron, Kallie, Holly, Lauren, Leona, Ashleigh, Shannon B, Shannon G, Kendall, Jess, Jen, Megan, Maddy and of course salon Manager Bev.

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For me, I really connected with Saffron. She seemed so friendly and just like the type of person I’d want to be friends with. Her relationship in season one was highlighted and she was convinced he was “the one” but ironically by season two she had a different boyfriend. I think part of the reason she became my favourite on the show was because the producers seemed to focus on only a couple of people in each season and Saffron was one of the chosen ones in season one. In season two, she took on a background role and people like Kendall and Holly took her place in the spotlight.

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In summary, this is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment because of how raw and authentic it is and I would definitely recommend watching it. You can find all seasons of Angels of the North currently on BBC iplayer.

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. My guilty pleasure is definitely reality TV shows. I could not watch them for long periods of time but every once in a while I love putting on an episode for some light-hearted humour. Selling Sunsets was definitely one of those shows for me and I definitely need something else to take its place. xx

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