Pumpkin picking!

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, me and my friends visited a pumpkin patch which was so much fun! If you follow me on insta (@ameliainhull), you might’ve already seen my Instagram reel about it. It was at a place called Sandy Bottom Pumpkins in the suburbs of Hull. It was my first time doing it but I had so much fun and picked some really cute pumpkins. I’m really looking forward to being able to being able to carve them really soon! So here is my post about my pumpkin picking experience.

We went on the weekend that it first opened so naturally there were lots of options of pumpkins to pick. With pumpkin picking I would recommend going early on otherwise you might not have as many to choose from. It was all very covid secure with hand sanitiser and track and trace forms and with it all being outside. We were very lucky with the weather as it only started raining once we were leaving thankfully.

Once we’d entered, we collected a wheel barrow and made our way through the fields. There were so many pumpkins in a variety of shapes and sizes. Izzy found one that she affectionately named a ‘buttcrack pumpkin’ because it literally looked like that on one side! I was on the look out for a medium white pumpkin and a mini white pumpkin for myself and a medium orange pumpkin for my Granny. There were some that I found that were quite misshapen but I was surprised at how many I found that were pretty much perfect. Me and Lydia embarked on a mission to find me the perfect white pumpkin and just as I thought I’d found the right one, Lydia kept calling me over to tell me that she’d found one that was even better!

In the end I did find the right pumpkins for me as did everybody else. I was so excited that I’d managed to find really little pumpkins because I was sure that they would’ve been concealed somewhere out of sight. But they were just sat there in plain sight as we were queuing to pay for our pumpkins. The mini ones were £1.50, small ones were £2, the medium ones were £4 and the large ones were £6. I don’t know how these prices compare to other places but I thought they were pretty fair.

I really enjoyed pumpkin picking and it was of course so much fun to experience it with my friends. Special thanks to Lauren, Izzy, Lily, Lydia and Ciaran for going with me! I definitely want to do it again next year because it put me right in the mood for Autumn. I’m planning on carving my big pumpkin into a house for my little pumpkin to live in this year so that will be really fun to do.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you been pumpkin picking this year? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. You got so many cute pictures, I recently went pumpkin picking and definitely left it too late in the month as there weren’t many pumpkins left and a lot of smashed ones. It sounds like you had a lovely day, thank you for sharing! xxx

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  2. I tried to go Pumpkin Picking last year but it was a huge failure since almost all of the pumpkins were broken or mouldy – definitely should have gone at the start of the season like you! xx

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