Forbidden Corner highlights!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not been super active on my blog recently. I’ve been taking some time to try and adjust to sixth form because although it’s been amazing so far, it definitely is a big change. This week’s post is going to be about Forbidden Corner which is located in North Yorkshire. We visited it for the first time whilst we were on holiday in Leyburn and it was so unique from anywhere I’d ever been before. It gave me some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes with it’s weird and wacky statues and buildings. I mentioned it in my Leyburn travel diary but I thought that it deserved it’s own post because there was so much to talk about with it! So here is my Forbidden Corner highlights post!

Imagine the craziest place you’ve been to. Times that by 10 and you can understand the scope of how wonderfully weird Forbidden Corner is. It was certainly busy and because of coronavirus, you had to book a slot to visit the site. We ended up going at 3 (because all the other slots were booked!) but actually it was nice to end the afternoon there and although we got caught in a pretty intense rain shower, we really enjoyed wandering around there.

I think something that adds to the randomness is that there isn’t really a set path to follow. This does make it hard when you are trying to see everything that is there but it’s fun to keep walking and see where you end up. To enter the main part of the site, you walk through this massive brick face with a tunnel that resembles its mouth, complete with teeth lining the walls. The best part about it is that the eyes blink and it almost seems like its actually alive.

The next thing that really stood out for me was a sculpture of some bears sitting around a table playing cards together. Each one looked so serious and focused and it reminded me a bit of a teddy bear’s picnic. I can remember following this path around and eventually coming to some water sprayers that only set off when you walked through them. There were several other points where these sprayers were concealed but what often gave it away was the water puddle on the ground near it.

As we were meandering around, we came across a pair of legs sticking out of the wall. The weirdness certainly didn’t stop there! The path guided us to this massive castle like structure. It had a moat full of water with stepping stones that circled around to a tunnel. There was a yellow neon snake lighting up the floor and a narrow passage way which led to a room with a fountain, a devil placed in the middle of it and several doors that you could go through. To me, it was reminiscent of the chamber of secrets in Harry Potter which really excited me because I’m such a massive fan. One door led to a mouse hole filled with mice which was pretty petrifying when I’m quite scared of mice. There was also another path at the end of this that you could go through to exit instead of the mouse hole but it was blocked by a cascade of water and I’d take mice over being soaked any day of the week. The other door led to a very narrow passage way and like the other door it eventually brought you out into a courtyard.

After that, I can remember following a path out of the courtyard around to a massive viking giant which was spectacular to see. This was next to another passageway which led to a journey designed to spook and scare. To little kids, it would probably be petrifying but for me, the most it managed to do was jump scare me. There were skeletons, graves and ghosts; it gave off such Halloween vibes. This opened out near the entrance to the park which meant we’d seen pretty much everything there was to see.

I really loved visiting Forbidden Corner; the randomness of it was so fun! I can’t wait to visit again soon.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you ever been to Forbidden Corner? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be a new post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I remember when you first posted about the Forbidden Corner in your Leyburn post, I was so excited for when this was going to be its own post. It looks like such an exciting and fun day out and I love the photos youve taken! 🙂 xxx

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  2. This place sounds so random haha – I love the legs sticking out of the wall because how do you even think of that?! Not sure about getting wet, probably made more for during summer when it is warm! I hate being scared so the spooky part sounds not sound ideal to me (I’m a wimp, I am aware!). xx

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    • Its literally the most random but the most cool place ever! Yeah I agree since it was warmer I didn’t mind getting wet as much – I’m a wimp too to be honest but I didn’t think it was that bad to be honest xx

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