Rowley Manor Afternoon Tea!

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks ago me and my family visited Rowley Manor to have afternoon tea there. We are really big afternoon tea fans because who doesn’t love a delicious selection of sandwiches and cakes? Rowley Manor is a hotel in Cottingham which is near Hull but they do also offer food there, meaning that you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to sample the food. We decided to go as part of the celebrations for my parent’s wedding anniversary so it was such a great way to celebrate. I was very impressed with food, staff and the venue and hopefully we’ll be able to go there again soon! So here is my post about my afternoon tea experience at Rowley Manor.

The venue had a classic, traditional vibe to it with white tables and chairs, chandeliers and candle centre pieces. It felt a bit like something out of a Jane Austen novel with its grand interior but modern touches laced with it. There was a roaring fire in the fire place which was welcome since it was quite autumnal that day. I’m a big fan of these types of venues as they hold a plethora of character which is refreshing amongst the chain restaurants and hotels of today.

We were offered tea and coffee but since I’m more a hot chocolate kind of girl I stuck with water. After that our food was delivered to us, arranged on a tiered cake stand. It was rife with different sandwiches and cakes and I was so excited to try them all. There was egg mayo, ham and mustard, cheese savoury and tuna mayo. My favourite of all 4 would have to be the tuna mayo which was amazing to taste. Moving onto the sweet, there was chocolate cake, victoria sponge cake, lemon pastry and scones with jam and clotted cream. This is harder to narrow down to a favourite because I’m definitely a lover of all things sweet but I think the chocolate cake just has the edge in this competition. It was so creamy and sweet and it was the last thing I ate overall so what a way to end a great afternoon tea.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you ever had afternoon tea? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia grace a.k.a Amelia in hull


  1. Great Blog – I can identify with all of your food and drinks preferences!
    And who wouldn’t enjoy the delicious afternoon tea that you had?
    It’s a case of ‘more of the same, please!!’

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  2. What an interesting blog. The afternoon tea sounds and looks wonderful. I love having afternoon tea and the last one I had was 3 weeks ago sitting outside at a farm shop cafe.

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  3. Afternoon Tea is one of my favourite things to do, especially with family! I feel like they are such amazing ways to explore gorgeous buildings and I always feel so fancy with the tiny crustless sandwiches and cakes haha! Thank you for sharing! xx

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