5 things I’ve learnt in lockdown!

Hey guys! So seeing as the lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted in the UK and we are somewhat gaining a sense of normality again, I thought I’d reflect on our time in complete lockdown. From the 23rd March to 10 May (nearly 2 months), we had to stay in our houses at all times, only leaving for one hour of exercise daily or for essential travel such as to the supermarket. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that it was a scary and uncertain time for everyone, not just in Britain but across the globe. Thankfully now, with the help of social distancing, shops and outdoor attractions have reopened, gatherings of 6 people can meet outside together and we can drive to places again. Hope seems to have re-ignited in our society as we slowly gain some normality again and the freedom to do some of the things we love. I can now say that lockdown has taught me quite a bit and has built on my character quite a lot. So here are some of the things I’ll be taking away from this lockdown experience.

  1. SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY TO REST : Before lockdown, I had a really busy life and I had barely any time to rest. I had school 9-3 Monday to Friday, clubs pretty much every night and a jam packed revision schedule as I prepared for my GCSEs. Then, suddenly, all that changed within a week. The UK locked down, my exams were cancelled and all my clubs were cancelled until further notice. I was so frustrated that my life had pretty much stopped but I don’t think I ever realised how much I needed the rest. My stress levels shot right back down as soon as school had finished and I spent time relaxing for the first time in months. It was a much needed break from the business of life and I really appreciate it looking back now.
  2. SOCIAL INTERACTION IS IMPORTANT: I’ve never truly realised or appreciated how much of a gift social interaction is until lockdown happened. I like to think of myself as an ambivert – I need time by myself and time with other people to properly recharge. But the balance between these two was disrupted during lockdown and I found myself spending lots more time alone which wasn’t always welcomed. I’m very grateful I had my family to share the lockdown experience with because I would’ve been desperately lonely without them. But I really missed the rest of my family and my friends very much. Face time was so useful as it meant I could still see their faces and catch up with them, just not in person. However, I can’t even explain how amazing it has been to see some of my friends and family in person again even if we have to social distance. It’s really lifted my spirits a lot.
  3. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME: Some of the things I’ve done in lockdown have been so much fun! We arranged a festival party in our garden for V.E day, had two murder mystery parties, had games nights with our grandparents every Saturday night and I’m hosting a party in my garden for some of my friends this week. Not to mention all the hobbies I’ve enjoyed! I’ve played my flute and piano, read lots, planned for a book series I had ideas about, danced, done some journaling, knitted, done some rock painting, binge watched different TV series … the list goes on. I never realised before how many fun things you can just simply do from home!
  4. NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHERE IT IS FOUND: I live in a rustic village on the outskirts of Hull which prior to lockdown, wasn’t very interesting to me. That all changed when we discovered some gorgeous walks around the field at the back of my village. It has been so fun to explore these fields and venture out further than we’ve ever been before. I can honestly say it has completely changed my perspective on my village and I won’t be so quick to hop in the car and go for a walk elsewhere anymore. Nature really is beautiful no matter where it is found.
  5. EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT IN THE END: Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But everything will work out in the end. I spent so much of the beginning of lockdown worrying about things I couldn’t change when actually, I should’ve been embracing the rest and rejuvenation it gave me. It was really hard to focus in on the positives though when it seemed like there was no hope. But I should’ve had faith that everything would work out in the end. That coronavirus wouldn’t rule over us forever. That things would return to normal eventually. I think the biggest things this lockdown has taught me is patience. We’ve had to wait for so many things but now they are starting to return to us and it’s the best feeling. One thing that will always stick with me is the stronger character I’ve built in lockdown. I’m very grateful that she is now a part of me and will help me to endure some of life’s toughest moments when I face them.
A gathering with me and some of my friends
The place I go for walks near where I live
My outfit for one of the murder mystery parties in lockdown

Thank you for reading this post! What has lockdown taught you? Let me know in the comments! Another post will be coming soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Love this! It’s so important to reflect on what we’ve learned and will take forward with us ✨ Lockdown has taught me how to find time for myself within a noisy and at times hectic household 😂 Great post! 💕

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  2. I think lock-down has been really important for a lot of people’s mental health as well as physical health. A lot more people have begun to work-out at home because they now have the time too and can spend more time with their family or the people they live with because now they do not have to commute for an hour plus everyday to their job as they can work from home. I think it is definitely going to change the way that people work from this point onwards. xx

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  3. A really well written and interesting blog. Lockdown is living history and future generations will find it hard to believe what actually happened. Very strange times!!

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  4. This is such a good post, thank you so much for sharing! Although lockdown has been so tough on everyone, it has made me really appreciate the little things and not take normality for granted! xxx

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  5. I learnt how we can spend some quality time with our family. Even my schedule was packed and due to lockdown our exams were cancelled and i was on the verge of entering depression. But my family members helped me to recover…

    By the way, you are looking gorgeous.😍

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