Coronavirus diaries: Alice!

Hey guys! For the next instalment of this series, I thought I’d share a diary that has been written by one of my good friends Alice who lives in Chesterfield in the U.K. For those of you who are just tuning into this series now, the coronavirus diaries is a series that I started at the beginning of the U.K lockdown. It illuminates the voices of people of different ages, nationalities and countries and it shares their thoughts on the pandemic. Today, I am releasing Alice’s diary onto my blog so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Being in lockdown due to corona has certainly been interesting because as a year 11, I’ve had little to do. This has allowed me to discover just how lazy I actually am.

I started lockdown with a motivated, positive, mixed outlook on it all with a list of different things to try and do during it – telling myself I should see this as a positive opportunity. In the first few weeks, I got the chance to rediscover old hobbies like roller skating and yoga and playing the guitar. However, recently, this has come to a stand still and instead, I’ve found sunbathing to be my one and only activity.

I’m so thankful to all the carers in the NHS and I definitely feel lucky to have the luxury of staying at home in a safe little bubble while they are out there saving lives at the risk of their own.

Everyone has been forced to make sacrifices and I feel fortunate for my only ones to be missing out on my year 11 experiences. I longed for my exams to be cancelled but now I long to find my exams back on. I feel selfish for missing normality and I feel disbelief at wanting to return to school. I feel lost without seeing my friends. There are many things I don’t miss however: stress, tests, constant worry for no apparent reason. Therefore, you may ask why do I feel disappointed? It is not as much the work or exams but the feelings that run with them that we will miss out on. That feeling of putting your pen down on the final paper and leaning back in your chair with a superior sense of finality, knowing you will be able to celebrate “The End” with your friends. It all just feels very anti – climatic.

Thank you for reading this post! And thank you to Alice for her contribution to this series! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. As someone who did not ‘flourish’ within the school environment, I think I would have been distraught to have my exams postponed and the school year extended. I am so glad that I am working during this time instead of studying as I think it would made the whole experience a lot harder than it is already. Huge respect to everyone having to sit exams later this year. xx

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