My favourite places to go for a walk in and around Hull!

Hey guys! Something that has been really important for my mental health during lockdown has been to go for walks. I find that it relaxes me a lot and it’s so lovely to have a change of scenery from the inside of my house. As we are now able to drive to go for walks, I thought I would share some of my favourite walks from around the Hull area. We are so lucky to have so many lovely walks in this area! So in today’s post, I’ll list some of the best walks Hull has to offer.


This is pasture land – a wide open space in Beverley near Hull. It’s very spacious so it’s easy to social distance and with so many different ways to venture, you could vary the length of your walk depending on whether you wanted a longer or shorter walk. It’s also an ideal spot for picnics. For me, I liked how rural and peaceful it was. Even though there were other people there, we very rarely ventured near anyone else which was great.


We pick the trail up from a village called Skirlaugh but you can travel along this track where trains used to run all the way from Hull to Hornsea. Again, this is ideal for social distancing as the path is wide and generally not too busy. There are trees stretching over the path, creating an arch which can shelter you from both showers of rain and the relentless rays of sun. Again, it’s very rustic and isolated from the business of life so going for walks there is always fun.


This is one of my favourite beaches ever which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before on my blog and it’s located about 45 minutes away from the centre of Hull. I’ve been going here since I was a child so there are so many memories attached there. I’d genuinely missed the coast so much and visiting Mappleton was a bit like returning to one of my second homes (which sounds really cringey but is completely true). The old post office cafe in Mappleton is currently doing a take out service so you can treat yourself to a slice of scrumptious cake or a warm drink to enjoy as you meander along the beach. This beach is perfect for social distancing with its wide stretches of sand and what could possibly make you feel better during this pandemic than the rush of the coastal air and the sea washing over your feet?


Bridlington is one of my other favourite beaches and is located about an hour out from the centre of Hull. It was very easy to social distance here as well and when we went a couple of weeks ago, we brought a picnic with us as well. It’s such a gorgeous beach and much like Mappleton, a quick paddle in the sea will make you forgot all your worries. Also, an advantage is that you can call in at the Granary at Rustic Riddle since they are doing a take away service at the moment and on the way to Bridlington, we were able to pick up some yummy cakes.


Hessle Foreshore is really close to the Humber Bridge and it’s one of the furthest points you can reach before the River Humber. It links up to a wood which is colloquially known as Little Switzerland and which seems to transport you to another world away from this pandemic. It’s a really beautiful place to go for a walk and although some people were not always practising social distancing there, the paths are wide enough that if you are willing to make the effort you’ll be able to. I honestly forgot I was in Hull for a few minutes whilst wandering around the woods because it’s so beautiful it could easily be in another country!


As some of you may already know, I love this part of Hull so much. It’s usually quite peaceful and quiet and it has an authentic old town feel to it. Even though many of the shops down Humber Street are currently shut, we still enjoyed a lovely stroll down there. The silver lining was that Nibble, one of my favourite cafes, is doing a take out service so naturally, we ordered some cakes from there to collect. This area of Hull is another great social distancing spot as the space is wide so you can easily change your route if there are lots of people congregated in one area!

These are some of my favourite Hull (and the surrounding area) spots for walks! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you for visiting my blog! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Ah I love this hun, those beach pictures are so dreamy – I wish I could get to the beach soon, your pictures look so peaceful. You’re right hun, walking is great for mental health ❤️ I’m loving taking walks at the moment ❤️

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  2. Woods are always the most fun to explore, I love seeing how nature has taken over! As always your post has made me want to visit Hull! xx

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  3. These places are beautiful! I’ve also been enjoying spending time outside and, like you said, getting a change of scenery 🙂 Great post Amelia! ❤

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  4. I also love going for walks – I was never one for going for a run or meditation so going for a walk is how I clear my head and problem solve. I either put on headphones and listen to music or a podcast or just walk with my thoughts if I am alone or I go with my boyfriend (who I live with) and we just talk about life. I am so glad that the National Trust places are starting to re-open as living in London, there are not too many green spaces available for long walks but the National Trust is perfect for long walks. xx

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