Coronavirus diaries: Kori!

Hey guys! This is the 11th part of this series which has been written by my friend Kori who I’ve sat with on the school bus for 5 years now. Here are her thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic.This pandemic outbreak was truly a massive shock to all the nations. Who would’ve thought that so early into the start of a new decade we would be forced into lockdown? Absolutely surreal I’ll tell you that for sure! We’re literally living in a sci-fi movie! 2020 was definitely a head turn for citizens like me and many others.For year 6s in primary schools around the UK, they unfortunately had to leave the safe environment of a local school earlier than expected to make the gigantic leap to secondary school, meeting new friends on the way of their new journey.Year elevens around the nation are in shock and disbelief of the sudden halt to the frightening school year preparing for upcoming exams and having the unfortunate news that all the hard work has been thrown away. As a year eleven myself, it truly is a hard pill to swallow. Surprisingly from an adolescent, I will always love secondary school creating some of the best and worst memories of my time being alive and I will never ever forget these times. I will cherish them forever in my heart. I will always love my bus journeys to school with Amelia and it’s crazy how now college will make us all so independent. However this would never split up the bonds these teenagers had together!!Oh and of course not forgetting the poor last year A level students who are putting long hours into coursework to go long into university or other jobs. It breaks my heart that this was their very last part of school and of support from educational staff. I wish everyone the best of luck! These sad times will make us stronger not just a nation but as a world. We are strongly trying the best we can to do everything in order for things to gradually get better!Last but certainly not least we could never forget our amazing NHS service and everyone else in the special services. We really couldn’t have coped these horrific moments without you. Every single one of you deserves a medal for your bravery and high motivation to come in and work every single day to help the people of our country. There is a high amount of respect for you individuals!!Thankyou so much for your time reading this diary blog I wish everyone the best and hopefully we will stop this,
lots of love
kori x x xAnd thank you Kori for writing this for us to read! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I agree, My secondary school memories are some of the best that I have and whilst I’m happy to be here now, I do miss schooldays sometimes. It felt so free! I’m so sorry that these moments have been taken away for so many! Love this series ❤

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  2. This is such a cool and unique series, I had so much fun reading this. It is so interesting to read about how people are spending their time during lockdown and how it’s making them feel. Thank you for sharing such amazing content! Xx

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