Coronavirus diaries: Joe!

Hey guys! This is the seventh part of this series where I share the experiences of different people around the world of coronavirus. This blog post is written by Joe, a member of my family who lives in Australia. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Life in coronaville

In the space of a week life in Australia has gone from fun in the sun, long days at the beach before autumn starts, daily school and weekend sport and hard graft with co workers to working out of home offices, dinner tables and sheds connecting via Zoom.

We ran out of toilet paper, panadol, nappies and there were even rumours we were going to run out of other essentials, like beer and wine.

Our borders are closed to the world and anyone who comes here or crosses a state line faces 14 days of self isolation enforced by the police.

Our beaches are mostly closed but people still go and gather. The authorities are not sure what to do as it part of what it means to be an Aussie. All professional and amateur sport is cancelled and kids can no longer play with their friends. Its sad to see empty basketball courts, soccer fields and skate parks. You can’t visit grandma nor invite your cousins over for dinner. Social distancing has gone from something you did to a mate who was being a pain to something you do waiting to buy a coffee.

We can no longer go out to eat nor socialise in groups larger than ten. People are scared for their health and their livelihoods. In amongst it all people are trying to be their best selves. Finding new ways to host dinner parties online, having playdates over facetime and making rainbow trails for kids to drive and see. We know we are isolated for a time but also that we are not alone.

Thank you for reading this post! The next instalment of the series will be out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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