Coronavirus diaries: Carol!

Hey guys! This is the sixth instalment of my coronavirus diaries series and this time, the diary is written by Carol (*pseudonym used*), a teacher in the U.K. Hope you all enjoy reading her perspective on the coronavirus!

Unprecedented times. How many times have we heard that? Week one of lockdown complete and it is strange, frustrating at times but there is still joy to be had. During the day my husband goes off to work…..into the office upstairs and the other three of us have settled into a routine of sorts. Breakfast and chores before school starts at 9 with Joe Wicks PE followed by other lessons at the kitchen table. I’m a teacher and on most days I am working as the children are. My eldest is at secondary and has had a lot of work to do, sent each day via  email. My youngest is in reception so is working in small chunks- a digraph here, some counting there. I love teaching but trying to support such diverse needs whilst doing the work I need to do has been tricky so sometimes playtime has been long and things like Oti Mbuse dance lessons and the wonderful Disney+ have been invaluable!
Schools are still open for key-worker children so on some days I am in school so the country can  still continue.  Where would we be without those roles?  I give daily thanks that amazing people are risking everything to care for us all. The NHS clap on Thursday night was beyond wonderful, and hopefully when this is all over the overwhelming support for the NHS I heard then will be continued by us all.
Things are different and it would be easy to spend the next few months disappointed by it all. I feel grief for those pupils whose end of school life has been wiped out, for those whose weddings have been cancelled, for exciting holidays, concerts, events that won’t happen. There is no scale on disappointed as people always look forward to something and now that ability has gone. I worry about friends and family who are self employed, what will become of their businesses? And the most awful thing: what if my loved ones or myself become ill?
I’ve had some difficult chats with myself this week. My husband has been a complete rock. My friends so supportive.  To be strong and optimistic has been a real challenge but I can’t begrudge time with my family, even if the two small ones are obsessed with Simpsons and Muppet Babies! My parents have embraced technology and even though it’s not the same as having a real hug it’s good to see them daily! If I do Joe Wicks everyday maybe I’ll get a little fitter. Maybe I’ll catch up on the last five years of missed sleep. Maybe I’ll get better at monopoly. Maybe the house will finally be clean. Maybe I’ll get back to piano playing. Maybe my husband and I can spend some quality time together. Maybe it will be okay. Unprecedented times.

Thank you for reading this post! The next part of the series will be out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. It must be useful being a teacher when having to home-school your children although I guess that depends what type of teacher and what ages the children are. I am only a few years out of secondary school but have already forgotten half of the complex maths equations that I learnt so would be of no use! xx

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