Coronavirus diaries: Isolde!

Hey guys! This is my third instalment of this series and this time it’s a diary written by my dance best friend Isolde. A massive thank you to her for doing this for me and being my second guest writer in this series! I hope you enjoy reading her take on the coronavirus.

This whole situation is very surreal to me. It’s so weird to think that only a few months ago we didn’t know that any of this would be happening. I’m in year 10 at school, meaning I still get to go back in September, but I can’t imagine what the year 11s are feeling right now. At the moment I’m doing school work from home. It’s a very different experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect. In some ways it has some positive sides to it, like I get to get up later and I get more free time after school. However, I’d much rather be at school with all my friends and getting a proper education. I don’t think the fact I won’t see all my closest friends for months has properly hit me yet. It just doesn’t feel possible. I’m trying my best to keep in touch with my family and friends through social media’s but it’s not the same. It’s going to take some getting used to.

Covid-19 had caused a lot of problems so far and has had an impact of all of our lives. It can be quite scary to think about, and seems to be all I’m thinking about at the minute. I just hope that this will pass over as soon as possible. For me I’m always worrying about my family as well. The majority of my family live 6 hours away on the south coast, meaning I don’t get to see them much. Now I won’t get to see them until this passes over and that is a scary thought. To try and distract myself from thinking about the downsides to the situation, I’m trying to keep myself occupied. When I’m not doing school work, I’m doing things like baking and reading to fill my time. This is a good opportunity to try things I haven’t done before which is one plus side. All in all the Coronavirus is scary but we can’t do anything about it and it’s not going away any time soon. The best we can do is wash our hands and stay in our houses until the worst is over. Hope everybody stays safe and healthy!

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another instalment of this series out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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