Coronavirus diaries: Izzy!

Hey guys! I’m back with the next instalment of this series with my best friend Izzy’s perspective on the virus this time. It was really interesting to read her perspective on it the virus as it does differ from mine and I’m very grateful to her for agreeing to do this for me. So here is her diary entry about the coronavirus!

This morning, while playing Mario-Kart, I smashed my Wii controller to the ground when I fell off of the ‘Wario’s Gold Mine’ circuit for the 3rd time but I reminded myself that the Coronavirus is a thing and that people are dying so I shouldn’t be getting mad over Mario-Kart Wii. So, how’s your day going?

I have to admit, it definitely feels strange to be out of school and to know that I’m not going to be taking my GCSEs this summer, since that has been what my mind has been focused on for the past year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not too worried about getting predicted grades as qualifications, as long as my teachers don’t low-ball me, I should be fine. However, with nothing really to do to pass the time, I’m waking up everyday without a plan of action or any idea of what i’m going to do that day and it’s bizarre to think how that is going to be reality for a while or until COVID-19 finally decides to find a new hobby other than plaguing the world of it’s health and freedom… but listening to Niall Horan’s new album on repeat is going great though.

As to current life, the family business where I work has recently closed so, not only is that one less thing to pass the time with but also it means that my house’s source of income is being hindered (I’m not entirely sure how that works though). Fortunately, as the family business is a bakery, we were able to make a contribution to local food banks and hospitals with all of the spare food, so at least something positive came from that. Other than that, my daily life is not that awful. I would say that this whole self isolation thing is a significant alteration to my life but being locked away in my room watching old one direction compilation videos on YouTube and fearing the world outside is not that drastically different to my life before the pandemic. Plus, it gives me time alone with my thoughts and what terrifying times those are; I am genuinely scared of what goes on up there.

In all seriousness, my experience with the pandemic has been mild so far. Of course I am worried for my family, especially my dad who is not in a strong place medically anyway and with my immune system being comparable to my biceps – too weak for my own good – my family and I definitely don’t have the strongest defence if COVID-19 travels our way. Luckily, we haven’t had to deal with that yet, but my condolences go out to those in a worse position than me who are actually suffering. If only you could sue a communicable virus for emotional distress.

Thanks for reading this post! There’ll be another instalment of the series out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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