20 reasons why 2020 is the year you should visit Hull!

Hey guys! I’m super excited to share today’s post with you which is going to be some reasons why you should visit Hull. If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s talk about how amazing my home city is! Hull is cultured, interesting and busy and it has so much to offer. Maybe I’m slightly biased but I definitely think it is such an underrated place with some really cool places to visit. Hopefully, after reading this post, you might consider visiting there for the day or a few days if you live further away.

1.It was the city of culture 2017: Back in 2017, Hull became the UK city of culture and thus embarked on an incredible journey with lots of arts and culture and lots of events. If it doesn’t intrigue you to visit the city and discover how it has been transformed as a result of this, then I don’t know what will.

2.Hull Yorkshire’s Maritime City Project: Just recently, Hull secured the funding for the Yorkshire’s Maritime City Project. This means Hull will see the preservation and refurbishment of 4 historic maritime sites and 2 historic ships. There will also be several events linking to this as well which is going to be really exciting.

3.It’s home to the Humber Bridge: It’s not a post promoting Hull if I don’t mention the Humber Bridge at least once. This bridge is responsible for linking Hull to Lincolnshire and it’s a beautiful place to go for walks. The views are so stunning and you can’t visit Hull without visiting the Humber Bridge in my opinion.

4.The Deep Aquarium: The Deep is Hull’s very own aquarium, complete with lots of fish, penguins and sharks! It is somewhere you have to visit whilst you’re in Hull and it’s perfect for people of all ages.

5.Hull’s collection of museums: Hull Maritime Museum, Wilberforce House, Hull and East Riding Museum and Streetlife Museum are just some of the Museums Hull has to offer. They are all super fun and educational no matter your age and they are all free.
6.Hull Minster: This stunning church is located in the centre of the city and it’s really interesting to walk around with it’s beautiful interior and exterior.

7.Ferens Art Gallery: This art gallery houses so much amazing art under one roof and there are always interesting exhibits that visit it for a period of time such as the Microbes exhibit from last summer.

8.Humber Street Art Gallery: This art gallery opened as part of city of culture back in 2017 and since then, it has hosted many intriguing exhibits, some of which I have been lucky enough to be able to visit.Currently, it is home to the ‘Solidarity and Love’ and ‘ZZZ’ exhibits.

9.Hull Marina: Hull Marina is a fairly quiet place which makes it the perfect location to go for a walk. Lots of ships are docked there as it links up to the Humber estuary. It is home to one of my favourite spots in Hull, Victoria Pier, which is so pretty with stunning views of the river Humber.

10.Humber Street: Humber Street is a little hidden gem! It’s a street in the old town part of Hull which has been transformed since 2017 with shops, restaurants and even an art gallery! I love walking through it and going to the cafes for lunch and shopping in the independent stores. In my opinion, it’s one of the best things to come from 2017 city of culture!

11.Independent restaurants: There are so many great independent restaurants in Hull! Admittedly, I still need to try quite a few of them, however, my absolute favourite place to go for food in Hull is Bert’s Pizzeria. They make amazing ice cream and pizza and the garlic bread is to die for!

12.Independent cafes: Like restaurants, there are many independent cafes in Hull! For me, my favourites are Nibble, Liquid Jade and Riverhouse Coffee. I think that little hidden gems like these are what really make a city great and I’m a sucker for any cute independent cafe!

13.Independent stores: With the reformation of Humber Street, we are seeing a lot more independent stores in Hull now! One that I love absolutely love is Tessie’s who sell accessories and clothes. I always visit whenever I am in Hull city centre and I have a growing collection of Tessie’s accessories. I think for me, the appeal of independent stores is knowing that you are much more likely to own accessories and clothes that no one else will have and that are really original and unique.

14.Freedom Festival: Hull’s own arts and culture festival which has been going on for nearly 13 years now! Every year, new and exciting acts bring interesting and unique performances to Hull during the first weekend of September. It brings thousands of people into the city centre year upon year and it’s an unforgettable experience.

15.Humber Street Sesh: Hull’s very own music festival which has been running for 9 years now with lots of amazing local artists. It really celebrates the talent we have amongst us in the city and it makes use of the beautiful old town part of Hull as it’s main venue.

16.Big Malarkey Festival: A festival which mainly celebrates children’s literature, stories and illustration. It is mostly aimed at children and families, however, there are some fun literary related activities there and chances to meet local authors and poets which is pretty exciting.

17.Proximity to the Yorkshire Coastline: Hull is so close to the coastline which is very handy especially if you live there. For us, the nearest beach is Mappleton which is just 20 minutes from where we live on the outskirts of Hull. If you are prepared to drive a little further, Hornsea and Bridlington are some of the other beaches that are ridiculously close to Hull.

18.Trinity Market: An indoor market that is home to a collection of delicious food stands, Trinity Market is absolute heaven for any food enthusiasts out there. It has many options of different food so if you don’t feel like eating at one of the chain restaurants, this is the perfect place for you.

19.Princes Street: This street is heaven for anyone who loves aesthetically pleasing places or is a fan of instagram like me. The combination of blue, white and yellow houses makes it appear so pretty and it’s a little known place to many residents and tourists of Hull so it’s very quiet down there.

20.It’s unique and underrated: Hull is unlike any other place and is ridiculously underrated even in it’s own county where it has York, Leeds and Sheffield to compete with. It has the rich maritime history, coupled with the arts and culture which was born in 2017 and has lived on since then. It’s an absolute wonder to me that we don’t get more tourists here!

Thank you for reading this post! Hopefully you enjoyed finding out more about how awesome Hull is! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. That’s it, I am coming over!
    Seriously though, I would love to visit Hull if it was not so far away. Google Maps is saying that it is currently a 4 hour drive or via public transport so will have to combine with another trip up North if I do want to visit. xx

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  3. […] 20 reasons why 2020 should be the year you visit Hull: This post did not age well at all and got lost in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that raged that same year. That being said, it received very positive feedback via Twitter and I am very pleased with how I wrote the post overall. It is still just as applicable now as it was in 2020 and hopefully it can still reach tourists this year. […]


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