Meet my rabbit Muffin!

Hey guys! So today, I’m really excited to introduce you all to my pet rabbit Muffin! Muffin is a light grey, lionhead rabbit who has been part of our family for just under 9 years now. I can still remember the day we went to the RSPCA to pick him and our other rabbit Flopsy up. Flopsy unfortunately passed away about 2 years ago now but luckily, we still have Muffin as a pet which is a real blessing (most of the time!) Just like every other pet, Muffin has a distinct personality, likes and dislikes and can be so entertaining at times. I really love him a lot and I hope you all enjoy getting to know him through this post!

So just to give you a bit of a backstory, Muffin has obviously been part of our family for nearly 9 years but he did have a home before ours and his little backstory is quite sad. From what I can remember, he escaped from his cage and he and his mate were hunted by a dog. Unfortunately, his mate didn’t survive but Muffin managed to outrun the dog and he was taken in by the RSPCA. Flopsy had an upsetting backstory too as she’d been too much for her owners to handle and they didn’t want her anymore. We’d previously had a rabbit called Bramble who had died for unknown reasons after being with us for just 6 days and a little while after her death, we decided we wanted to get some more rabbits. I can still remember the day we visited the RSPCA to see all the rescue rabbits. Flopsy came bounding up to the door of her cage, so excited to see us. Muffin was sulking at the back of his cage but he looked absolutely gorgeous which was the main reason why we chose him. At the time, they thought he was a girl so they’d named him Fran so we continued this misconception by naming him Blossom. However, after he’d been to the vets for the first time, they announced that he was in fact a boy so we rechristened him Muffin.

Muffin lives in the shed in our garden where he has plenty of room to hop around. One of his favourite things in there is the house that we bought for him which he likes to sit inside and on top of. There is a cat flap that connects his shed to a run outside so he can eat the grass and hop around to his heart’s content. Sometimes, we put him on a lead and take him for a walk round the garden which I think he really enjoys because he can explore different parts of the garden.

In terms of personality, Muffin is cute but very grumpy at times. He’s quite cautious of new things and new people and he can get annoyed sometimes with excessive stroking. However, he is mostly well behaved, he can be quite energetic (especially if there’s food involved!) and he likes to relax and be comfortable. I don’t think he’s particularly a people rabbit as he never seems that bothered with having the company of others and he’s just fine on his own. I love him a lot despite his grumpiness and our lives would be very different without our bunny.

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have a pet? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be a new post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. OMGOSH SO CUTE! I love the fact that you take him for walks around the garden on the lead… I kinda want a small lead for my hamster now. Can you imagine me walking Harriet around our shared garden on a lead?! I think the neighbours would think I had lost the plot!!! xx

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  2. Ohhhhh my heart cant cope with how cute Muffin is!!! I used to have a rabbit but he sadly passed a few months back and I miss him so much:( I see so many videos of house rabbits that are trained up and I so want one!! xxxx

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