‘Navigate’ light installation in Hull!

Hey guys! So last weekend, Hull hosted 4 light installations called ‘Navigate’ to celebrate the start of Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City project. The four installations were respectively called ‘Oracle’, ‘Zenith’, ‘Meridian’ and ‘Pendopo’ which all linked in some way to the coast and Hull’s maritime heritage. I think it’s really exciting that we’ve secured the funding for the Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City project and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the city is going to improve and change as a result of it. Four maritime sites and 2 ships are going to be refurbished and preserved using the funding from the project. This light installation was the perfect way to introduce this project and how it’s going to change Hull for the better! So in today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing ‘Navigate’ and granting you with my honest opinion of it.


This sound and laser installation could be found in the centre of Trinity Square which is home to Hull Minster. It was a circular dome, housing a robotic musical instrument with keys and beaters to hit them. It created a metallic, techno sound which was inspired by East Asia’s Gamelan percussion ensembles. The lights and lasers that flashed out from it reminded me of a lighthouse, signalling ships away from danger and the music from the instrument sounded a bit to me like the noise of of a ship’s machinery. Overall, it was really unique and just fascinating to watch.


This installation was an 8 metre lighthouse which had been specifically commissioned for ‘Navigate’ and floated in Princes Dock. It’s staying for another 6 weeks for people to enjoy. Linked wirelessly to meteorological sensors, it takes real time readings of wind speed, humidity, pressure, temperature and rain. Oracle directly links to the superstitions and importance placed on the weather and what it holds for the fortunes of those venturing to sea. There were four points at the bottom of the lighthouse which resembled a compass, another important thing for navigating your way at sea. The structure of the lighthouse flashed with different colours of light and cast an eerie shadow of light onto the water. I would say ‘Oracle’ was my favourite of the light installations because it was absolutely stunning and I think it’s so cool that it can take readings of the weather.


Large beams of light were projected from Hull City Hall and over Whitefriargate as part of ‘Meridian’. Using four powerful lasers, a visual line of reference was crafted in the night sky for those who were navigating the city. I think the best thing about this one was that we could actually see it overhead whilst we were driving into the city centre which was awesome.


A chorus of kinetic structures were housed in Queen Victoria Square as part of ‘Zenith’. Each one was structured like a streetlamp with a light shining and rotating in the middle and reflecting light in a circle around it. It reminded me of a disco light and there was something quite ethereal about it as it was quite reminiscent of the mystical side of the sea such as mermaids and sirens. I thought it was so interesting and it was a great way to end our evening of walking around the ‘Navigate’ installations.Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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