Chatsworth Christmas display!

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks ago whilst I was staying at my granny’s house after Christmas, me and my family visited the Christmas display at Chatsworth house. This event occurs every year and each time, the house has been decorated according to a different theme. Previously, they’ve done Alice in Wonderland, the Nutcracker and Once Upon a Time and this year, it was ‘In a land far, far away’. Each room or corridor of the house was embodying a different country so touring around the house was like touring around the world. I really enjoying seeing all the beautiful decorations and spending some quality time with my family because they are always the best people to hang out with. So in today’s post, I’m going to be exploring this magical Christmas exhibit at Chatsworth house!

Walking into the house brought back lots of memories since this is an annual thing that we’ve all done together for as long as I can remember. The countries that were represented in the exhibit were Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, India, Russia, Japan, China, USA, Netherlands and Scandinavia. I liked that there was a range of different countries from all different parts of the world as it added a lot of variety to each set of decorations. For example, the Italian part had some beautiful lines of beads bedecking the windows, the Moroccan part had some gorgeous lanterns with ornate detailing on them and the Indian section had some pretty paper stars which illuminated the room with the light they projected into it. The Canadian region had archways crafted from white and orange leaves which were simply stunning and the Netherlands area had a table with chairs set out where tulips were strewn across it and white pottery with blue ornate patterns on it. Each section was so individual and beautiful in it’s own way and this made wandering around the house very enjoyable.



The Netherlands


It’s so hard to choose some favourite sections as all of them were very well thought out and uniquely incredible. However, I loved the Russian, Japanese and Chinese sectors. The Russian part was located in this massive great hall with a gigantic Christmas tree against the far wall which touched the ceiling. White paper stars were placed underneath green tree bunting and a black sleigh was hidden in the corner next to the sweeping staircase. The Japanese zone welcomed its visitors to walk through an archway created from black checked wood frames with cherry blossom flowers intertwined in it. Beautiful white trees were dotted across the room alongside cutouts of volcanoes. The Chinese section hosted a collection of multicoloured lanterns, delicate umbrellas and a paper Chinese dragon who swooped above a set of stairs. They all looked incredible and helped me to remember why I love the Christmas exhibit so much.




Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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