Lincoln Christmas Market 2019!

Hey guys! So last weekend, I went to Lincoln Market for the second year in a row and had such a fun time again. You can click here to read my post about Lincoln market 2018. Festive cheer had invaded the streets of Lincoln and everywhere you looked there were stalls, delicious food and beautiful Christmas lights. For me, it’s not December until you’ve visited some kind of Christmas market to get you in the mood and of course Lincoln Market is one of the biggest and best in the U.K! I’m definitely happy that we made the trip out to Lincoln for it again this year as it was totally worth it and I really enjoyed myself. So in today’s post, I’m going to be talking about my experience of Lincoln Market this year!

We drove for about an hour to reach the outskirts of Lincoln and once we’d parked our car, we caught the park and ride bus into the city centre. The market was just as I remembered it last year with a happy atmosphere and festive cheer everywhere you looked. For most of our walk around the market, you could hear the sweet sound of Christmas songs and carols playing in the background and so many stalls were selling Christmas themed items or Christmas themed food.

When I say Lincoln Market is big, I’m really not exaggerating in the slightest. There are many different stalls and such a wide variety of options for gifts that you can buy for your loved ones. Some stalls that stood out for me were a glasswork stall which was selling dainty angel and tree Christmas decorations, a dried fruit decoration stall and a light up star decoration stall. I was pleased to secure gifts for some of my friends and family from the market as I think it’s so important to support independent businesses and sometimes a handmade gift from a Christmas market is more personal and heartfelt. However, one downside to it being so big and diverse is that it attracts lots of different people year upon year and the crowds there are massive. I’m not the biggest fan of crowds and it can make moving around the market difficult at times but being optimistic, I think the fact that lots of people visit the market year upon year just proves how good it is.

Something that I really enjoyed this year was seeing the market at night since last year, we’d left before it really got dark. The festive feel was enhanced in the dark as the Christmas lights shone brighter than they previously had in the day and all the rides with their neon colours looked amazing in the dark. It seemed to come alive in the dark and I loved wandering around the remainder of the stalls with beautiful Christmas lights illuminating the way. It was the perfect way to end our lovely day at Lincoln Christmas market.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you been to a Christmas market this year? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be a new post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This is such a cool event! 😀 ❤ Part of me loves being part of something where a lot of people are there too, but it's also stressful when it's hard to navigate around because of the crowds lol ❤ I haven't been to a Christmas market this year, but I'd love to get to! It's been a few years since I went to one, but I always have a lot of fun browsing what everyone's created.

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  2. I haven’t been ‘cause I’m currently in UAE and it’s a Muslim country and unfortunately, they don’t spend Christmas here 🙁 All these lovely decorations are really what I miss in my home country, Philippines!

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  3. Every year I visit the Christmas Market in Winter Wonderland but I feel like as it has gotten more and more popular, the stalls have become more repetitive and all are starting to sell very similar items. This year I went to the Oxford Christmas Market and was excited to see more smaller businesses taking part and each stall selling different pieces. Unfortunately I had already purchased all of my Christmas presents for this year but I can see how a Christmas Market is a great place to go shopping for presents. xx

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  4. I have never been to this Christmas market! I think next year I want to make it my mission to go to more around the UK🎄 I agree with you I hate it when markets get too busy but this one looks pretty xx

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  5. Living in a country known for its Christmas markets, I personally have to say that I like the idea of them more than actually going to them. Unless it’s one no tourist knows about, the ones in Vienna are always SUPER PACKED and it’s hard to even move around. That being said, I am SUCH a sucker for all of the lights and Christmas decorations.

    Also, how cute are those nutcrackers in the pictures you took?! Great post x

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  6. I love a Christmas market, I agree that it’s a Christmas tradition must do, it really gets you in the mood for all things festive and is also such a good place to buy cute and unique presents for your loved ones! So excited for the markets this year already, hehe!

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