The Next Step Live review!

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, I watched the Next Step Live show at York Barbican and it was so amazing! The Next Step is a TV show that I’ve been watching for about 5 years now and it’s just been renewed for a 7th season. It centres around the lives of a competition team and follows their journey from regional competitions to international competitions. After season 3, most of the dancers on the original team left to go on to bigger and better things so new dancers formed a new team to try and carry on the legacy of the studio. These dancers from the newer team were the ones that were featured in this live show and they were absolutely amazing! As a dancer, I’ve always been very inspired by the different dancers on the team so to see them all dancing live was just incredible. So in today’s post, I’m going to review this performance and grant you with my honest opinion of it.

The show opened with a group dance including all the dancers and I just couldn’t believe that I was watching them all live. They all introduced themselves and the characters that they portray on the TV show. The dancers involved the live performance were Myles Erlick (Noah), Briar Nolet (Richelle), Alexandra Chaves (Piper), Noah Zulfikar (Kingston), Shelby Bain (Amy), Sage Linder (Summer), Berkeley Ratzlaff (Davis), Isaiah Peck (Henry), Dylan Ratzlaff (Jacquie) and Liam Mackie (Finn). All of them are such incredible dancers and between them, each of them have a specific style of dance that they’re really talented at such as hip hop, contemporary, acro or ballet.

After that, the show continued on with duets, trios, solos and small group dances. I have to say that the boy’s small group dance, Alexandra’s solo, Briar’s solo and Briar and Myles’ duet particularly stuck with me although all the dances were really good. Alexandra’s character on the next step is my favourite and I think we dance in a similar way so I really enjoyed watching her perform her solo. Briar is undoubtedly an amazing dancer and she performed some moves in her solo that I’ve never seen before so it was really interesting to watch. Briar and Myles have amazing chemistry on stage and their dance styles gel really well so their duets are always beautiful to watch. The boy’s small group was hip hop and it’s really cool to watch that style of dance since I can’t do it myself.

The dancers interacted and talked between dances, often to introduce the next act but they also took time to interact with the audience. They taught us a simple dance to do with them and they also had a Q+A session so that members of the audience could ask them questions. For me, something that really stood out was how much they valued their fans. They seemed really grateful to be part of the Next Step and to have so many fans! The dance they finished with was the group dance that won them regionals and it’s quite an emotional dance since it was Noah’s last dance and he’s been on the show since season 1. It was the perfect way to end the performance. So overall, I really enjoyed the show and thought the dances in it were so amazing!

Thank you for reading this post! Have you been to see a show recently? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This is cool! It sounds like they really immersed you into the show. I love watching Dancing shows there is always much more passion and energy behind it xxxx

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