James Arthur Concert at Hull Bonus Arena!

Hey guys! So I’m really excited to bring you all this post where I talk about my experience of the James Arthur concert that I went to a couple of weeks ago. James Arthur is one of my favourite singers ever so naturally, I’ve been wanting to go to a concert of his for ages now. I was lucky enough to see him at the Radio One Big Weekend when Hull hosted it back in 2017 but that just made me want to see him in concert all the more. Now, 2 years later, I can proudly say that I’ve achieved that goal and it was honestly one of the best nights ever. James Arthur is so incredible to listen to live and his mixture of upbeat and ballad music is some of my all time favourite music to listen to. So in today’s post, I’m going to share all the details of the James Arthur concert with you all.

The concert overall brought together some of his greatest hits and preempted the release of his new album ‘You’ which has now been delivered to the public. Some of the songs that were played included ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, ‘Falling Like The Stars’, ‘Can I Be Him’, ‘Rewrite The Stars’ and ‘I Am’. These are all songs that I know off by heart so I was singing along to the lyrics and I couldn’t have been enjoying myself more. It was really weird but amazing to hear them played live and James Arthur has such a beautiful, distinctive voice. ‘Falling Like The Stars’ really got me emotional as it’s one of his slower, sentimental songs about falling in love with somebody and it was just so surreal for me to be there that I just had tears in my eyes. I’d been waiting so long to hear him in concert and I couldn’t quite believe that it was happening. This was also the song where he instructed us all to hold our phones with the torches switched on in the air and it looked really pretty around the arena with all those bright lights.

I knew some of the new music like ‘Naked’, ‘Empty Space’ and ‘Treehouse’ since they’d been released already but it was quite exciting to listen to the ones that I didn’t already know. It made me pretty elated to listen to them once they were out to the public. A couple that stuck with me were ‘Unconditionally’ which was based on the lyrics from one of Taking Back Sunday’s songs and ‘Finally Feel Good’ which explored finally feeling better after being down for such a long time. Again, it was just amazing to listen to James Arthur sing live and I felt so blessed to experience it.

Throughout the concert, James Arthur made the effort to talk to us about the songs he was singing, the stage set up and the inspiration he’d had for all his new music. He seemed quite humble and down to earth and he was clearly very passionate about singing and performing. He was speaking to us honestly just like you’d speak to a friend and he seemed quite grateful that all these people had come to listen to his music.

Overall, it was such an incredible concert and experience that I really enjoyed. Hopefully, it won’t be the last concert of his that I get to go to.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you been to a concert recently? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Concerts are definitely my happy place – I love them so much! They are the perfect place to enjoy yourself and forget all your stresses and worries. I remember James Arthur on X Factor but have not heard of him since so glad he is still doing well.
    The last concert I went to was Bea Miller and OMGOSH she was incredible! I love seeing smaller artists perform as often it is less scripted and you can see that they are just enjoying performing without having to put on a show (hope that makes sense). xx

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    • I totally agree with you! He’s just released a new album which is really great so you could check that out if you wanted to. So glad you enjoyed it! I think it would be really cool to start going to see more small artists in concert xx

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