Exploring Elsham Hall!

Hey guys! So a few weeks ago now, we met up with my cousin Orlaith and my granny at Elsham Hall. Writing this now is making me really miss Orlaith so hopefully I’ll get to see my little cousin again soon! Elsham Hall is about 30 minutes away from Hull over the Humber Bridge and into North Lincolnshire and it’s such a little gem of a place. We had a really fun day there and there was lots of things for us to do. It was quite peaceful there (I’m starting to see a theme with this word in my blog posts!) and it was super pretty too. I will hopefully be returning one day especially since it’s so close to where we live! So in today’s post, I’m going to review Elsham Hall!

There were so many pretty spots around Elsham Hall. Upon entering the gardens, we discovered this gorgeous bandstand which was fully painted light blue with heart patterns carved into it. I think Elsham Hall host weddings so my guess is that it was somehow involved in that since I could definitely picture a wedding ceremony taking place there. We continued on and ended up wandering through woodland which had branches twisted overhead to form an arch shape. The woodland was next to a massive lake which looked like glass as it was so clear and shiny.

After pausing for a picnic lunch, we carried on walking and came to the animal section of the Hall where several animals were contained in different enclosures. I was so excited to see that they had two adorable bunnies and I spent ages staring at them and marvelling at how cute they were. One of them really resembled my old rabbit Flopsy with her black and white spots and her floppy ears except that Flopsy was brown and white instead. The other bunny was white and ginger with a furry afro on top of his head. We also discovered some goats, sheep and various different types of bird there as well.

Next, we entered the walled garden which was decorated with neat hedges and trees arranged in rows and animals crafted from metal which I thought were so cool. But the best bits had to be the peacocks that were stalking us around the garden and the massive hill that was there. There seemed to be peacocks all around the garden and while they were quite content to follow you around, they’d become quite flustered if you followed them or advanced towards them instead. Me, Eloise and Orlaith had so much fun running up and down the hill like the kids we are and I can safely say that that was one of the highlights of my day!

Then, we found ourselves wandering along a wooden bridge which was surrounded by greenery and was decorated with some cute blue archways. I definitely think this again linked to the weddings that are held there as it would be such a cute place to take wedding photos in my opinion. The last part of Elsham Hall Gardens was an open field with a yellow thatched house that hosted some historical information within it and a donkey in the adjoining field. Seeing my two favourite animals, rabbits and donkeys, in one day was just too much for me and I got so excited when I saw the donkey. I think I must’ve spent a good 10 minutes fussing over the donkey before we decided to walk back to the car and finish our time at Elsham Hall.

I had such a good day at Elsham Hall with my family and I would really love to visit it again soon! It was super pretty and aesthetic and each person in our family really enjoyed themselves despite us all being different ages.

Thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one of soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. My secondary school was situated on a hill so there was a grassy slope in our playground which we would always roll down during our lunch break. We would get so grassy but it was so much fun! I miss those days sometimes.
    Elsham Hall sounds and looks so beautiful – I can see how weddings are held there! xx

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  2. This looks like such a magical place, I love your photos! Especially your pics of the animals, they are so so cute!! Family days out are always so much fun, especially when its in such a beautiful place like Elsham Hall. Thank you for sharing honey xx

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