My fave spots around Hull | A collab with Sophiemagsblog

Hey guys! Today’s post is so exciting because it’s my first ever collab! I’m collabing with the lovely Sophie from Sophie Mags blog and we are both writing posts about our favourite spots near where we live. I absolutely love Sophie’s blog and I would definitely recommend checking it out so you can read her post that’s linked to mine which is about Tewkesbury and also so you can read some of her awesome past posts. Her adventure posts are some of my favourites but I also enjoy reading her gig/concert ones as well. I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite spots in and around Hull in this post which is of course my beautiful home city. Hull has so many beautiful spots and even after living in the city for 15 years, I have uncovered some pretty cool spots this year which I didn’t previously know existed. Keep reading to discover some of the gorgeous spots that Hull has to offer!


In the old town part of Hull, Victoria Pier is a lovely place to wander around with stunning views of the Deep aquarium and out onto the Humber estuary. If you look closely enough you may even be able to spot the Humber Bridge! It has beautiful white railings and wood flooring. There are benches to sit on and there are wooden steps up to a lookout point which grants you with an even better view. It’s so tranquil there and it’s the perfect location to capture photos.


This is Hull’s most photographed street and it’s not hard to see why. With the white, yellow and blue buildings, it’s so aesthetic and beautiful down there. It’s quite peaceful too and I’ve taken some stunning photos there in the past. I didn’t discover this street until about a year ago but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did.


How can I not include the Humber Bridge in this post? It is such an amazing piece of architecture and is one of the best parts of Hull in my opinion. I have so many memories of family walks there and stunning views of the Humber estuary. It’s a very peaceful and relaxing place and is such an integral landmark in Hull.


This is a little bit out of Hull but it still makes up part of it’s surrounding area and is one of the many stunning beaches along the Holderness coastline. It’s definitely my favourite beach and I’ve always loved visiting for as long as I can remember. I love walking along and feeling the sand squishing in my toes; I love dipping my feet into the rippling waves of the sea; I love travelling into the town part of Bridlington and wandering around the funfair that is always there. I will always and completely love Bridlington no matter what.


The last spot on this list is going to be Humber Street, an important street in the old town part of Hull. Since city of culture 2017, it’s really developed a lot and there are now bars, restaurants, shops and even an art gallery down there! It has really come to life and it’s been so cool to see it grow over the last couple of years. One of my favourite independent shops is down there and it’s called Tessie’s. They sell a variety of cute accessories and outfits in there and it’s become somewhat a ritual for me to visit whenever I’m in that part of Hull. I just love visiting Humber Street for the shopping, food and art that can be found down there.

An event down Humber Street
Inside Tessie’s

Thank you for reading this post! Don’t forget to check out Sophie Mags blog and read the post she did on there. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter as well. Thank you so much to Sophie for collabing with me and thank you for reading this post! There’ll be another one out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This was so cute! So jealous that you live by the sea, it’s the perfect place to escape! also thanks for collabing with me lovely, I had a lot of fun writing this”! xxx

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  2. […] ‘My collab with sophiemagsblog‘- this will always be a special post for me as it was my first ever collab! Thank you so much to Sophie for collabing with me – you’re the best! If any other bloggers want to collab with me, feel free to contact me as I would love to work with you! ‘AG Reads: The Kingdom Review’– my first proper book review! This is currently my favourite book and I really wanted to do it justice by writing a really good review and I think I achieved that. I loved analysing the characters, plot and themes of the book and I’m crossing my fingers that Jess Rothenburg writes a sequel or even a series linked to it! […]


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