Flying with Jet2 airlines to Alicante!

Hey guys! So I’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in Spain and I thought I’d share a post with you all about my experience of flying with jet 2 airlines. This was my first time flying with them and I have to say that I was very impressed. We flew from Leeds Bradford airport to Alicante and while we were delayed by about just over an hour due to problems with checking in, the way they handled the problem was absolutely great. I got to meet the pilots and I had a chat with the senior manager on the flight about her job as an air hostess so I’ll be sharing her answers to my questions. So in today’s post, I will share with you my first impressions of Jet2 airlines.

Our flight was at about 7:30 in the morning so we had to wake up at about 4 so we could reach the airport for about 5. When we arrived, they were having a problem with the conveyer belt that transported luggage to the aeroplane. The Jet2 staff were having to sort through the luggage from at least 4 flights by hand to make sure it travelled to the correct location. I have to admit I was sceptical that I would even get my luggage but I hoped it would all turn out okay in the end.

We cleared security fairly quickly and headed for the gate since we had little time left before our flight took off. Due to the baggage situation at the check in desk, we were on the flight for about an hour before we actually took off as they loaded our baggage on. Cleverly, the on flight staff decided to let all the kids meet the pilots so naturally that filled quite a bit of the time and kept them all entertained. I tagged along with them as I wanted to meet the pilots too and I consequently took a picture with them. It was fascinating being in the cockpit and seeing all the buttons and controls the pilots used to ensure that we’d have a safe flight. I can’t imagine how much work goes into learning about all the seperate controls and what their purpose is. I now have a new found respect for pilots and how hard their job actually is!

The Jet2 air hostesses were very friendly and helpful and were really eager to grant us with the best in flight experience they could. While we were still waiting for the baggage to be loaded on, I chatted to the senior flight manager Harriet about what her job entailed. Here are answers to the questions I asked her:

AMELIA: What is it like in general to be an air hostess?

HARRIET: It’s a good job. Summer time is usually very busy with lots of people travelling to different locations. Winter isn’t always as busy but you get some people going on city breaks, winter breaks and to the Canary Islands. We do round flights so we won’t stay in our destination, we’ll fly back to Leeds Bradford because that’s where we’re based.

AMELIA: What training do you have to do to be an air hostess?

HARRIET: So we do 38 exams with a 90% pass mark for all of them. We’ll also spend some time back in the classroom each year to retake the exams so we can refresh our knowledge. You need to pass all your GCSEs and you don’t have to do any special aviation course but it can help.

AMELIA: How do you deal with the time difference?

HARRIET: We work off an aviation time zone called zulu time so if it was 11:40 in UK time it would be 10:40 in Zulu time. Since we don’t stay in our destination and will fly back to the UK, we don’t really have time to adjust to time zones so they don’t really affect us that much.

AMELIA: Are you expected to know different languages?

HARRIET: We’re not expected to know different languages. It can help sometimes as there can be language barriers with some passengers but most of the air hostesses only speak English.

AMELIA: What’s the best thing about being an air hostess?

HARRIET: The best thing about being an air hostess is getting to interact with lots of different people every day. Not only do I interact with different passengers but I also get to work with different crews on each flight. You can catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while and you can form new friendships with new crew members. It’s also nice to work with different pilots too. I know some people find it quite intimidating to enter the cockpit but it’s nice to catch up with the pilots and form friendships with them too.

AMELIA: What’s the worst thing about being an air hostess?

HARRIET: There aren’t any really bad things about being an air hostess. The tiredness is quite bad and it can be quite hard work. After all, it’s your job to ensure that people have a safe flight and that everything happens as it should on board the flight.

AMELIA: How did you become a senior manager?

HARRIET: I worked my way up to Senior manager on board as I’ve been flying for four years. There are 3 tiers in being an air hostess. There are fourthers who are the bottom tier and then there are seconders who are in charge of the back of the aircraft and are like the assistant managers and then there are firsters who are in charge of all the crew and all the aircraft. I’m proud to be a senior manager especially since I’m the youngest one at Leeds Bradford airport at the age of 22.

A massive thank you to Harriet for talking to me about her job! I found it all really interesting and I find it really inspiring that someone who’s so young has a senior position. Harriet and her team did a great job of giving us a wonderful in flight experience.

We reached Alicante airport safely and miraculously all our luggage was there! I’m not sure if anyone else had problems with it who was on our flight but we luckily didn’t. We then drove off in our hire vehicle and travelled to our villa. I’ll be talking all about our holiday in my next post so stay tuned for that.

Overall, I was really impressed with Jet2. They dealt with problems really well and the staff were friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be flying with them again!

Thank you for reading this post! Which airline do you usually fly with? Let me know in the comments section! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Did you see the flamingos in the salt marshes near Alicante? I flew into Alicante last year – from Manchester not sure who with poss jet 2. Then stayed in Guardmer as got family near there – so def want to return to see them and love Tapas esp calmaries and paella!

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  2. Wow Amelia what a fantastic account of the flight with Jet 2 airline. Is this travel report the beginning of your ambition to become a travel journalist? Well written.

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  3. A great, professional job all round.
    A fabulous airline, a great country, a brilliant holiday and a first class blog!
    Thanks Amelia!
    What’s next? xxx

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  4. What a cool interview. I enjoyed reading so much, it’s always nice to know what other jobs seem like. I wanted to be air hostess actually, but I started University and got another one. Still travelling is such a nice experience and this job helps with that. xx

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  5. This is such an awesome interview and a great way to kill time whilst waiting for the flight to take off! I am 22 as well so I find it incredible how far she has progressed but I assume she did not attend University so has 3 years on me! Looking forward to reading about your holiday! xx

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  6. […] ‘Flying with jet 2 airlines’ and ‘AG Travel Diaries: Spain’– I really enjoyed writing about my Spanish holiday and the memories that I made there. I was also lucky that our flight over to Spain was delayed so I took the opportunity to interview the Head air hostess on that flight. I was really inspired by her and got more of an insight into the life of an air hostess! […]


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