Tour of Hull with my friend!

Hey guys! So last week, one of my good friends came to visit me in Hull for the day. Alice lives in Chesterfield and her family knows some of my family that lives there. We have known each other for about 6 years and we’ve been writing letters to each other since then as “pen-pals”. I was so excited that she came to visit me and I couldn’t wait to give her a tour of some of the best parts of Hull. She was so enthusiastic and by presenting her with the best parts of my beautiful city, I was able to appreciate it more. A massive thank you to Alice for journeying across for the day I really hope you enjoyed visiting Hull! So in today’s post, I’m going to inform you about my day in Hull with Alice and hopefully grant you with some tourist attractions that you can visit in Hull.


Alice arrived at about 11 and we caught the bus into Hull city centre. I decided that I wanted to take her to the old part of town first because it’s expanded and developed a lot in the last couple of years. We first walked across to an area of wooden decking near the water (not quite sure what’s it’s officially called!). It’s really pretty there with benches, flowers and street lights to decorate it and amazing views of the Deep, the River Humber and also the Humber Bridge which can be seen in the distance.After wandering around there for a bit, we walked over to near where stage at the dock was located to have a better view of the Deep. Alice wondered whether it was fashioned to appear like a ship which I thought was quite an interesting idea. After looking at it for a few minutes, it was easy to see why she might’ve thought that. Since it was really hot that day, we decided against exploring the Deep and that Alice could return another day for that.Next on the agenda was lunch at Nibble! Nibble is such a lovely cafe which I did a review on a while ago. I chose to have a cajun chicken wrap with black pepper mayo while Alice picked a salmon and cream cheese bagel and we had some fries to share between us. Nibble have the great idea of being able to construct your own sandwich instead of restricting you to set sandwiches which I think is a wonderful idea. They have a wide range of bread, filling and sauce options for you to choose from. We both really enjoyed our meals there so hopefully it won’t be Alice’s last visit there.Then, we had a look in the cool, independent shops down Humber Street that are called Tessies and 19 point 4. Both of them have such awesome clothes and accessories in them so I will definitely be visiting them again. Plus, the dressing rooms at Tessies were super cute! On one wall, there were some really interesting pictures scattered across it, in the corner, there was a pile of different books and on the other wall, there was of course a mirror and some little ‘Share the love’ and ‘take a positive thought’ notes.Afterwards, we explored the exhibits that were currently in Humber Street art Gallery. On the ground floor, there was an exhibit called ‘Instituting Care’ by Jade Montserrat. It consisted of large – scale charcoal drawings directly on the gallery’s walls which offer reflections of the artists experience navigating her way through education, working as an artist and living in the U.K. There was also a circular wooden shape in the middle with seats and books inside and unique silver foil curtains on the outside. Gallery 1 and 2 were hosting an exhibit named ‘The cucumber fell in the sand’ by Frances Disley which examines our relationship with food through living sculptures. Gallery 1 focused on scent disseminating devices which enhance relaxation, rest and reflection. There were blankets and pillows arranged on the floor across the gallery and there were benches against the wall. The walls had different colours and patterns of paint upon them and different coloured fabric on them. Gallery 2 explored how food was produced commercially with mobile planters filled with vegetables and scented plants associated with stimulation and energy and sculptural filtration systems. We continued up onto the rooftop terrace which usually isn’t open however since it was such a sunny day, it was open. We enjoyed the views of the city that it offered and then we trekked back to the ground floor.Our next stop was at Bert’s Pizzeria to have some gelato. I did a review of Bert’s last year which you can click here. I decided to have crunchie ice cream whereas Alice opted for bubblegum. My ice cream was so delicious and sweet and it was definitely worth stopping for.Next, we meandered over to Hull Minster and it looked beautiful as always. The architecture is magnificent on the exterior and interior with lots of detail and intricacy. I loved the gorgeous stain glass windows inside that lined the walls and the stone archways paired with the black lanterns. It’s definitely worth a visit in my opinion if you are ever in Hull.After that, we wandered to the Ferens Art Gallery to see the Microbes exhibit. I’ve already visited it once and you can click here to read my review of it but I thought it would be interesting for Alice to see. It was so cool watching the dangling microbes inflate and deflate every few minutes and to be able to touch them. Each one is vibrant and unique and it really is an intriguing exhibit.We meandered around Queens Gardens for a little while and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and fountains that are located there. After that, we embarked on a mission to discover where the Land of Green Ginger pub is which is home to what may be the world’s smallest window. I’ve not actually visited it before but it was a thin slit of glass in the wall which I walked past at first and didn’t realise it was there because it was so discreet. It is pretty awesome that we have this in Hull!Our last stop was Prince Street a.k.a one of the most aesthetic places in Hull. With the combination of yellow, white and blue houses down the street, it’s quite dreamy and is a perfect location to capture photos. It’s never too busy either so it’s easy to take the pictures you need. I absolutely love it down there and I’m elated that it was the place that we finished our tour of Hull.I had such a lovely day with Alice and I’m so glad that I was able to show her my amazing home city. A massive thank you to her for paying me a visit! I hope this has also given you some ideas of the types of tourist attractions that you can visit in Hull.

Thank you for reading this post! What tourist attractions are there near where you live? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I love the charcoal quotes! This sounds like such a lovely day and I hope Alice had a good time visiting Hull. The pastel-coloured street at the end of your post reminded me of Notting Hill – you should visit there if you are ever in London. xx

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  2. Aww how cool! I’m glad Alice made it up there to check it out, you’ve been friends for quite a while so it’s a shame you’re not closer to get to hang out more. Very cool itinerary of things you checked out, and I love the photos!
    Caz xx

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