‘The Sound of Music’ Review!

Hey guys! So today I’m bringing you a review of ‘The Sound of Music’ which I went to see at Hull Truck Theatre a couple of weeks ago with my family. I actually didn’t know the story line beforehand so I was able to enjoy it with fresh eyes and it was such an interesting production. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a tendency to become obsessed with places I visit, productions I watch and films and TV shows I see and this has definitely become an obsession for me recently. The costumes, the music, the characters … it was just so entertaining to watch and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! So in today’s post, I will be reviewing ‘The Sound of Music’ at Hull Truck Theatre and granting you with my honest opinion of it. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

The Sound of Music is truly an incredible musical and I can’t describe how happy it made me feel whilst watching it. The story begins at Nonnberg Abbey in Salzberg, Austria in 1938 and it introduces Maria, a young, kind spirited postulant. Some of the nuns are concerned by her love of music, abundance of enthusiasm and lack of discipline. This leads the Mother Abbess to send her to the house of Captain Georg Von Trapp, a retired naval officer to be governess to his seven children, believing she will live a happier life outside of the abbey. The Von Trapp kids include Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. The Captain has used strict military techniques to discipline his children ever since the death of his wife so the freedom Maria brings them is refreshing. At first, the children misbehave and are sceptical of Maria but soon as she showers them with kindness and patience, they respect and trust her a lot. Liesl, the oldest, warms to Maria after she doesn’t expose her for visiting Rolfe, the messenger boy she’s in love with.

Whilst the Captain is away in Vienna, Maria creates new play clothes for the children to wear and teaches them how to sing. Unfortunately, when the Captain returns with Baroness Elsa and their mutual friend Max, he is fuming to discover that the children have become totally unruly and have escaped the discipline he forced onto them. Maria enrages him further by forcefully pleading with him to get closer to his children. As he is about to banish Maria back to the abbey, he hears the children singing a song Maria taught them for the Baroness. The Captain is reminded that music used to be an integral part of their household and he joins the children in song. Afterwards, he is quick to apologise to Maria and request that she stay.

Max is impressed by the children’s singing and proposes to Captain Von Trapp that they are entered into the Salzburg Festival but the Captain refuses. He instead agrees to throw a grand party at the house and the night of the party, all his guests arrive in their best formal attire. When the Captain notices Kurt being taught a traditional folk dance by Maria, he cuts in to demonstrate. He dances in a passionate , graceful performance with Maria and ends in a close embrace with her. They split and Maria, confused about her feelings, dashes out of the ballroom. She had previously envisioned Baroness Elsa becoming the children’s new mother, not her so she leaves in a hurry and returns to the abbey without saying goodbye. When she returns to the abbey, it’s clear to the nuns that something is wrong as she secludes herself and barely utters a word. Maria talks through her feelings for Captain Von Trapp with the Mother Abbess, admitting she feels as though she’s betraying God. The Mother Abbess encourages her to return to the abbey and find the life she wants to live. After Maria returns to the abbey, she hears of the Captain’s engagement to Elsa and agrees to stay until they find another governess. The Captain makes it clear though that his feelings for Maria haven’t changed and he breaks off his engagement to marry her instead.

After a very beautiful wedding ceremony which includes all of their children, the Captain and Maria embark on their honeymoon and leave the children in the care of Max. Max enters the children in the Salzberg Festival against their father’s wishes. When they learn that Austria has been invaded by the Nazis, the newly wed couple rush home to discover a telegram awaiting them with a command that the Captain must report to the German naval base at Bremerhaven to accept a commission in the Germany Navy. Previous to this, there had been conversations between Max, Elsa and the Captain where the Captain expressed his utter hatred of the Nazis and his refusal to be involved with them should they invade Austria. So the Captain decides he and his family must flee Austria immediately to avoid the Nazis. However, many of their friends are willing to accept this new regime including Liesl’s lover Rolfe who has joined Hitler Youth. That night, just as they are about to escape, a group of soldiers from the SA stop them and question them. The Captain answers that they are heading to the Salzberg Festival to perform. The SA officers insist on accompanying them so they can escort Captain Von Trapp away afterwards.

During their final number at the festival, the family slip away and hide in the cemetery of the nearby abbey. SA officers soon arrive to search for them and Rolfe uncovers their hiding spot. After seeing Liesl, he doesn’t raise the alarm, giving them enough time to escape. They travel across the hills that very night and across into Switzerland where it’s safe and the musical ends there to a thunderous round of applause.

I thought that the acting in it was amazing. They truly brought their characters to life and embodied all their traits and emotions. I absolutely loved the music as well with my favourite song being ’16 going on 17′ but I was actually surprised with how many of the songs that I knew. The story line was beautiful and it really testified to the meaning of true love and also the terror people felt whilst under the rule of the Nazis. Overall, it was an amazing performance and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you seen ‘The Sound of Music’ before? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull



  1. How have you not seen the move version of The Sound of Music?!? It was one of the movies that I watched on repeat as a child and would consider it a classic movie. It stars Julie Andrews who is just a legend. I would highly recommend watching if you can find it online! xx

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  2. Fun fact: I actually live in Austria, where the film was originally filmed! It’s funny because although The Sound Of Music is known worldwide, a lot of Austrians don’t actually know of it. Great review, I’d love to see the musical version one day!

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