By the sea with AG: Mappleton!

Hey guys! So as you probably already know, I’m all about sharing things or experiences that I love on this blog such as travelling, castles and cathedrals and of course Hull! But something I haven’t really talked about yet is one of my longtime loves, the seaside and considering we have some awesome beaches near us in Hull, I thought it would be fun to start a new series about all these great beaches. Today, I’ll be starting with Mappleton which is probably the closest beach to where I live. I can honestly say that I’ve probably been there at least a hundred times in my life if not more for walks or for picnics. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing beach such as this one so nearby me and I can’t wait to share more information about it with you all! So in today’s post, I’m going to discuss one of my favourite beaches with you and start the new series ‘By the sea with AG’!

Mappleton is a very versatile beach in that it’s stunning nature provides a beautiful setting for a walk or for a picnic. It’s dotted with thousands of pebbles of different shapes and sizes which add to the unique character of the beach. It’s cliffs are unusually crafted from clay which sadly means they are eroding away at a fast pace. After walking down the stone slope that leads you onto the actual beach, there are two routes that you can take. On the left side, there are more rocks however on the right side, it’s more sandy but the sea has the tendency to travel right up to the rocks. Both will provide you with gorgeous scenery for a walk or a day there and I feel quite lucky to have two choices of different routes I can take when I go for a walk there. The sea of course is one of the most important factors on the beach and I’ve seen it rage like a ferocious lion at Mappleton beach and I’ve also seen it ripple so calmly on the sand. I can’t say the sea is particularly warm at any of the beaches I’m going to talk about in this series including this one but it’s warm enough to dip your toes in it or to walk through it in your wellies. There’s also a cute cafe right near the beach called ‘The Old Post Office Tearooms’ which is perfect for an after beach snack – click here to read my review on it.

I think for me what makes Mappleton so special is the memories I have there. There is no other beach that I’ve visited so many times and there is no other beach that will ever feel so comforting and welcoming to me. I’ve visited there on many hot days in summer. I’ve visited there on many freezing days in winter. I’ve spent so many days there with my family. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful beach nearby to me.

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have a beach near you? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. The beach looks so pretty – you are so fortunate to have one so local. My boyfriend grew up in Eastbourne which is only a short car ride away from the beach but I think sometimes living too close means you take it for granted. However, growing up in London, I would have loved to live near to a beach. xx

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    • It is yes I really am. Awww that’s cool yeah it is sometimes easy to take it for granted. My family in chesterfield are the same we always go to the beach every time they come since they live right in the middle of the country. Xx

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