AG Travel Diaries: Legoland!

Hey guys! I’m sorry that I’ve not been very present in the blogging community recently – I’ve been really busy with school work! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on reading all of your blogs soon. Anyway, last weekend, I had the most amazing time with my family at Legoland Windsor Resort. We visited there for my grandad’s 70th birthday and we spent two days in the theme park overall. It was truly a memorable weekend where I embraced my inner child and my love for lego, I conquered my fear of rollercoasters and I enjoyed lots of different rides with some of my favourite people in the world. So in today’s post, I will be describing my amazing weekend in Legoland!

DAY 1: 4 MAY 2019

After having driven down to Bicester on the previous night, we stopped over in a hotel there. Bicester is about 1 hour away from Legoland Windsor Resort so it didn’t take us long to reach there in the morning. We had a happy reunion with our family because it was the first time since Christmas that we’d all been together. After that, it was time to explore the Legoland theme park!

Pictures from the Legoland Hotel

Because we were going to stay at the Legoland Hotel that night, we entered the park from the opposite way to people who were just visiting for the day. This meant that the section of the park that we were in at first wasn’t really busy so the rides weren’t that busy either. We ambled through Adventure Land first which lead us into Heartlake City, home of the Lego Friends. I used to love Lego Friends as a child so naturally, me and my little cousin Orlaith were both super excited to explore this part of the resort. It was exactly like I would’ve imagined it to appear in person with vibrant, amiable looking buildings dotted around. We were lucky enough that whilst we were in this section of the park, we got to do a Lego Friends meet and greet! Me and Orlaith both had a little chat with 3 out of 5 of the Lego Friends, Stephanie, Andrea and Emma, before posing for a photo with them. I was absolutely elated and it was a great way to begin the day.

Heartlake City

After that, we entered the Kingdom of the Pharaohs and went on our first ride, Aero Nomad, which was a big wheel type ride. We got a pretty amazing view from the top of the wheel and I found it quite relaxing as we gently spun around in the air. Next, we meandered through the Lego Ninjago World and then onto Lego City. Here, we queued for about half an hour to go on our second ride of the day which was Coastguard HQ. On this ride, you had to manoeuvre your boat around various obstacles on the lake. I went in a boat with my sister and my mum. My sister captained the boat which was just as well seeing as I’m an awful driver. We had a lot of fun drifting along the lake and it was all over too soon!

Kingdom of the Pharaohs

Lego City

Then, we stopped for a quick lunch before walking over to Duplo Valley. I decided to go on the Fairytale Brook ride that was there and it was one of my favourite rides of the whole weekend. Me, my mum, my dad and my sister Eloise all jumped into a boat together and took a gentle ride along the river where iconic scenes from fairytales had been recreated using only lego. It was incredible to see and I couldn’t take enough photos of all of the lego creations.

Fairtyale Brook in Duplo Valley

After that, we wandered up to my favourite land Miniland! Here, recreated from lego were some of the world’s greatest landmarks and tourist attractions. I fangirled so much whilst in this land since if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love travelling, discovering new cultures and getting to see incredible landmarks. It was literally my dream come true to have all the world’s best landmarks in one place, crafted ornately from lego and I captured so many photos. I would have to say that my favourite part overall was the Eiffel Tower because it’s a landmark that I’ve always dreamed of seeing in person and hopefully one day I will!


Once we’d fully explored Miniland, we headed through Imagination and up to the beginning of the park where the Lego Star Wars Miniland Model Display was. We have some pretty big Star Wars fans in our family, myself included, so of course we wanted to see the Star Wars Display that was there. Again, like with Miniland, it was amazing to see how some of the characters and some of the most iconic scenes from the film series had been recreated in lego. I recognised so many of the lego constructed battle scenes which had lights and noises for extra effect. My favourite part was definitely the Death Star which moved around and had flashing lights and laser noises for added effect. After we’d finished meandering around the Display, we walked back to the Lego Hotel.


Star Wars Display

We enjoyed a lovely buffet tea with literally all my favourite food which was great. After that, we checked into our Lego Friends themed rooms. There was a bunk bed for me and Eloise to share and a double bed for our parents and there were lego creations dotted around the room. There were bright colours all around the room and the lego friends girls were pictured on the wall. It’s definitely up there as being one of the coolest rooms that I’ve stayed in. We all met in my grandparents room to have my grandad’s birthday cake before turning in for the night.

Lego friends themed room

Me with the birthday boy

DAY 2: MAY 5 2019

Day 2 was just as eventful as day 1 was. We started off the day with a delicious buffet breakfast where there was a vast range of choices for all different people. Then, we entered into the park half an hour before it opened to the general public, another perk to staying at the Hotel. However, there were only 3 rides that were open at that time so all you could do with the other rides was queue until they were opened. Me, Eloise and our parents decided to queue for the haunted house since we all really wanted to go on it and because it was a new ride, it had been very popular and busy on Saturday. It wasn’t what we were expecting at all; I was waiting for a haunted house with jumpscares and spooky decorations but instead, I got a ride which swayed you from side to side and with some kind of optical illusion on the walls, made it appear like you were upside down. It was a lot of fun though and it was the catalyst that spurred me on to try out some of the bigger rides that day.

Haunted House

After that, our family all met up in Pirate Shores as me, my mum, my dad, my grandad and Auntie Rachel had decided that we wanted to go on the Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest Log Flume ride. I went in one boat at the back with my mum and Auntie Rachel while my Dad and Grandad went in another boat together. The ride took you on a breezy trip along the river with pirate Lego characters constructed on the banks. Then, all of a sudden, you shot up to the top of a slope and were propelled down into the water. It was so much fun and I managed to stay pretty dry, considering how fast we hit the water. I would say that out of our group, my grandad was the most wet after the ride bless him. We entered a massive heater to dry off our clothes before continuing on.

Next, we wandered around to Adventure Land so we could queue for the Atlantis Submarine Voyage Ride. By this time, it was pretty busy so we ended up waiting for 45 minutes before we reached the front of the queue. This ride wasn’t quite what I was expecting either. We entered a submarine which floated along through the water which had both real and lego fish in it. It was a pretty fun concept but I’m not sure that it was worth waiting so long for just for a quick few minutes on the ride.

After that, we entered Knight’s Kingdom to go on the roller coaster of the theme park, the Dragon. Auntie Rachel, who’d previously gone on it while we were queuing for the Haunted House, described it as a good introductory roller coaster since it was the first ever roller coaster that I went on. We ended up queuing for a whole hour and 15 minutes just for 5 minutes on the roller coaster. Yes you read that right. 1 hour and 15 minutes. I can’t deny that I had an amazing time on the Dragon and I loved the adrenaline rush that accompanied the various dips and ascensions of the ride. But an hour and 15 minutes is a long time just to wait for one ride. I know that it was really busy that day and in the end, I was just really thankful to finally experience the thrill of a roller coaster.

Knight’s Kingdom

My day ended with a ride that I’d been dying to go on all day. It had been shut all day but was weirdly enough still running despite having no people on it. That lead us to believe that Legoland was possibly understaffed that day since there were 5 rides that were shut that day and if a ride opened, another one had to shut in its place. The Viking River Splash Ride annoyingly opened whilst we were still queuing for the Dragon but afterwards, me, my dad and Auntie Rachel queued to go on it. It was just as good as I imagined it would be; you were in a circular boat that crashed against the sides of the ride as it ascended and then descended again. If anything, I wish there had been more big dips in it and that it had lasted for longer. But it was a great way to end my weekend at Legoland Windsor Resort.

Overall, my weekend at Legoland was amazing and I really enjoyed myself. I just wish that there hadn’t been so many rides shut on day 2 and that the queues hadn’t been so long for rides but I think those were two things that were out of the Legoland team’s control.

Thank you for reading this post! Have you ever been to a theme park before? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Seeing your post and some other entries about the Legoland in Malaysia, I wonder how the Lego figures hold up outdoors. (Hope they have a Lego version of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, too!)

    On a side note, you have to admire the effort put into making those real-life figures — from the Hulkbuster armor, to the R2-D2 and C-3PO.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The hotel looks so cool! I went to Legoland Windsor years ago so don’t remember much except that the queues were quite long when we went. It looks like they’ve added a lot more now though, my favourite thing was all the sculptures. Great pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an awesome idea for your grandad’s 70th, very novel! You’ve got some great photos, I must admit I didn’t really know what really to expect from Legoland as I’ve never been. I’m not sure I could have stomached that roller coaster but it sounds like your 1hr15min wait was worth it! 😉
    This place looks amaaaaaazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I cannot remember the last time I went to Legoland – it must have been at least 10 years now! I remember we used to go there a lot as kids, my siblings and I, with our parents because we all loved rollar-coasters and lego. They still had the mini landmark sculptures back then too!
    I have queued for up to 2 hours for a ride sometimes! If you go to Thorpe Park or Alton Towers on a weekend or a Bank Holiday, it is really busy for the bigger rides. In those instances, sometimes it is better to buy a fast pass as you waste so much time queueing but it is unavoidable unfortunately.
    I am glad you are finally conquering your fear of roller-coasters as I absolutely love them and think everyone should too! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww it’s cool that you have so many great memories there! Woah 2 hours just to go on a ride? Yeah I’d agree I think if we go again we’ll be buying a fast pass for sure! They are actually pretty great 😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved scrolling through this!! What a fun place 🙂 I’d love to go to the Legoland that’s closest to us someday, but it’s still a several hour-long drive!

    Liked by 1 person

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