Life By Orlaith: Her Review of ‘I have an orange juicy drink’ by Andrew Sanders

Hey guys! So in this week’s post, my little cousin Orlaith is back with a review of ‘I have an orange juicy drink’ by Andrew Sanders. She previously reviewed another book from a Hull author which you can click here to read. I’m going to be uploading an interview with Andrew soon so you guys can become acquainted with him. Basically, he’s a Hull based children’s author and ‘I have an orange juicy drink’ is his debut book. While this book is marketed more at younger children, I enjoyed reading it with Orlaith and then hearing her opinion of this book. So today, I’m once again handing over the reigns to Orlaith as she expresses her opinion of this book.

I started off by reading the book to Orlaith. After that, me and my family proceeded to ask her a bunch of questions and here’s how she responded.

AMELIA: What did you think of the book?

ORLAITH: I thought it was really funny.

CLARE: Why did you think it was funny?

ORLAITH: Because I liked it when the boy squished the dinosaur with the moon.

AMELIA: That was a good bit I did like that bit. What was your favourite illustration of the book?

ORLAITH: I like this bit *points to the page where the boy is talking about having an orange juicy drink and how tasty it is.*

AMELIA: Ahhh so he’s talking about having an orange juicy drink and how excited he is about it. That’s cool that you like that part best! So who’s your favourite character from the book?

ORLAITH: The brother I think.

AMELIA: Ooohhh why do you like the brother best?

ORLAITH: Because he asked nicely if he could have some of the orange juicy drink and the other characters didn’t even ask the boy.

CLARE: Why is it important to ask nicely?

ORLAITH: Because you might not get it if you don’t ask nicely and then they won’t give it to you and you’ll be moaning.

CLARE: You might get into trouble.

AMELIA: Yeah I’d agree with that.

CLARE: What was your favourite part of the book?

ORLAITH: Probably when the boy was nice to his brother.

AMELIA: He gave him a hug didn’t he? That was nice.

JANE: What about his brother having an animal on his head?

AMELIA: That was pretty cool wasn’t it?

ORLAITH: *starts laughing as she remembers that part*

HELEN: What did you think was the funniest part of the book?

ORLAITH: When the boy squished the dinosaur with the moon.

AMELIA: Do you think the dinosaur deserved to be squished with the moon?

ORLAITH: I’m not sure because the dinosaur didn’t hit the boy or anything …

AMELIA: But he did try to steal his juicy drink and that wasn’t very nice.

CLARE: Was there anything you didn’t like about the story?

ORLAITH: Not really. I liked it all.

HELEN: It’s nice that Andy has autographed it for you isn’t it?

ORLAITH: Yes it is.

CLARE: What do you think about the pictures?

ORLAITH: Well I think that one (points to the illustration of the dinosaur trying to steal the boy’s drink) looks a bit like a girl dinosaur. And the boy’s like this *pulls a funny face as she tries to replicate the boy’s expression.*

AMELIA: He’s kind of pouting I think with his drink.

CLARE: How could you improve the story?

ORLAITH: I’m not sure.

CLARE: If you could make it longer, what other characters would you add in?

ORLAITH: A unicorn.

CLARE: Would the unicorn ask nicely or would the unicorn try to steal the drink?

ORLAITH: Ask nicely and the boy would share his juicy drink with her.

AMELIA: Is a unicorn your favourite animal?

ORLAITH: Yeah it is.

AMELIA: Would you like to read more books that are like this?

ORLAITH: Yes I would.

AMELIA: Awww that’s good. Why would you like to read more books like this?

ORLAITH: Because there might be some funny bits like when the dinosaur got squished by the moon and it’s funny how does the boy get the moon? Maybe he asked for help and the moon just came down.

AMELIA: Yeah that’s a good point! How do you think he found the strength to pick up this massive ship?

ORLAITH: Maybe a superhero helped him?

AMELIA: How do you think he found the strength to pick up the garden shed?

ORLAITH: Maybe his hat was really strong and it lifted him up?

AMELIA: That’s an interesting take on it! How old do you think you would need to be to read this book?

ORLAITH: I think they should be any age because the writing is quite big so you can see it.

CLARE: What do you think the important message is to remember in the book?

ORLAITH: *turns to the front of the book and points to the message Andy wrote for her* That is.

ALL: *Start laughing because it’s such a cute answer.*

HELEN: Well done Orlaith that’s an excellent answer!

AMELIA: If that wasn’t there, is there another message that the book is telling you?

ORLAITH: Well the boy’s brother asked nicely so I think it’s that you should ask nicely.

A huge well done and thank you to Orlaith for answering all the questions! I’m super proud of her and I loved her answer that the autograph is the message of the book! Also, thank you to my mum, granny and auntie Jane for helping me quiz Orlaith. Watch out for my interview with the author of this book!

There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Great review, Orlaith! So sweet that she liked the brother because he was kind enough to ask if he could have some juice, she really knows her manners wellย โ™ฅ
    A really cute book and I love the bold images ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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