TC Patisserie first impressions!

Hey guys! So last week, I had a piano exam during school time and afterwards, my mum treated me to a cake at TC Patisserie in Beverley. Having piano exams and orthodontist appointments in Beverley has definitely helped me to discover some awesome cafes there! We actually discovered TC Patisserie by complete chance since the cafe we were originally planning on visiting was shut. My mum remembered a little french cafe near where we were at that point so we decided to go there instead, I’m so glad that we did end up going to TC Patisserie because we had a great experience there! So in today’s post, I’m going to share my first impressions of TC Patisserie with you, granting you with my honest opinion of it.

We were enticed by the sweet exterior of TC Patisserie. The name was printed above the window in fancy writing with floral embellishments on either side. Sky blue paint framed the door and invited us inside. The interior was very French with blue checked tablecloths spread over wooden tables that were scattered around the cafe. I loved the bunch of red roses with a contrasting white rose in a pot of water that was sat on each table – it was a really nice touch. Different pictures were dotted across the walls, contributing to the overall elegant ambience of the patisserie.

I first ordered a decaf lattee which tasted really delicious with just the right ratio of creamy milk to strong, distinctive coffee. My main problem was that I couldn’t decide which cake to have! There were a myriad of options and I eventually narrowed it down to the tarte aux chocolat and the tarte aux frambois. In the end, I decided upon the tarte aux frambois because I was in the mood for fruit instead of chocolate (I know I normally can’t resist chocolate!) The tart was presented alongside a complex pattern created from chocolate and fruity liquids. I would give them full marks for presentation since it looked incredible and it was a lovely surprise! Eating my first part of the tart, the crumbly, sweet pastry perfectly complimented the raspberries, blueberries and the raspberry jelly on top of it. I would say that the pastry was quite firm in texture but it did taste pretty amazing. The toppings of the tart were slightly sour but sweet at the same time since raspberries and blueberries are quite sour fruits. Overall, it was a delicious tart which I would love to eat again!

To conclude, my first impressions of TC Patisserie were positive. I really like the elegant French style of the cafe overall and the food and drink were pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to my next visit there!

Thank you for reading this post! What is your favourite cafe? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Sometimes those random, chance finds are the best. This sounds like a little gem of a place for a hot drink & sweet treat. Simple, understated and yet welcoming with great food, I can see why you liked it!
    Caz xx

    PS. Hope all’s going okay with the orthodontics & piano exams!! xx

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  2. I can never decide what cake I want either! I always take a friend or multiple friends so that we can each order one and share the cake so I get to taste as many as possible. xx

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