The Knife Angel!!

Hey guys! So this week, I visited Hull city centre with my best friend for a cake at cocoa and a shopping spree. Whilst we were there, we decided to walk around to Queens Gardens to see the Knife Angel. The Knife Angel is an incredible 27 feet tall sculpture in the shape of an angel, crafted from over 100,000 knives. It was created at the British Ironworks Centre in Shropshire and the knives from it were donated to the Ironworks, collected through police force surrender campaigns across the country. The Knife Angel was previously hosted outside Liverpool Cathedral and it’s such an honour for it to travel across to Hull for its residents to marvel at. So in today’s post, I’m going to describe the meaning behind this sculpture and grant you with my first impressions of it.

The Knife Angel has such a powerful meaning behind it. It stands against violence and aggression and it’s a memorial for those who have lost their lives to knife crime. Some of the victim’s families have written messages that have been engraved on the wings. I think it’s such an important sculpture that highlights a key issue in society. I can’t say I ever thought much about knife crime before but after seeing the Knife Angel, it’s opened my eyes to what a tragic issue it is and has caused me to consider how the victims of it were affected. In 2018, there were 40,147 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales which was a 16% increase from the previous year. Out of 44 police forces, 38 recorded a rise in knife crime since 2011. Hopefully, the Knife Angel is spreading awareness about the horrors of violence, aggression and knife crime and is educating people about what a tragedy it is for those who lose their lives because of it.

The Knife Angel towered above all the public who were in complete awe of it. Created from over 100,000 different knives, it was amazing to see how all of the knives banded together to craft such a massive structure. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it must’ve taken to construct the sculpture and I truly applaud the artist Alfie Bradley for his incredible work. Spiky, brown knives grant the angel with a full head of hair and gold and silver knives protrude from his sides as stunning wings. In my opinion, the expression on his face is sombre and confused and he holds out his hands questioningly. Maybe he’s inquiring why there are so many knife crimes and cases of aggression and violence in England. Maybe he’s asking for forgiveness since the very material that devises his whole body is the weapon in many of these cases and he feels partly responsible. Or maybe he’s asking for all the knife crimes, violence and aggression to stop. But whatever his intentions are, the Knife Angel is an incredible, unique work of art with a strong, powerful message to spread.

Thank you for reading this post! Why do you think the Knife Angel is holding out his hands? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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  1. Reblogged this on Wonderwall and commented:
    Fantastic to hear about the knife angel from Amelia in Hullwhere the sculpture is currently located. It is good to see following Hull’s recent year as city of culture, that cultural projects are continuing. The post prompted me to see if this sculpture may at somepoint come to Sheffield and it seems it is a possibility.

    I would be interested to see how well the knives 🔪 that make up the sculpture are attached. It seems a bit risky that someone could pull a knife out and …. When the point is to highlight knife crime. In answer to Amelia’s question I think, the knife man is holding his arms out to, in a kind of shrug of disparity 🤷‍♂️ to say WHY, do people use knives 🔪 to hurt people?


  2. I was really interested in this sculpture when I saw it on the news and like you was really pleased to hear it was coming to Hull. Many years ago I lost a good friend to knife crime so for me it has a personal meaning.

    I hope to visit it before it leaves Hull. I like your different interpretation of why she hold her hands out the way she does. I just wonder if it is exasperation at a society that wastes valuable lives.

    Maybe when I visit it I will be moved and inspired to a different meaning.

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  3. I had never heard about this structure before your post but I can see how it would move people. Personally for me, it looks like he is asking for forgiveness for all injuries and deaths caused by knife violence. I cannot imagine how much respect it must summon in person if this is the impact through photographs. Thank you for sharing. xx

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  4. […] ‘Knife Angel’– An amazing piece of art work fashioned completely from knives which was designed to look like an angel visited Hull early this year. It fought against the increase in knife crimes and reminded people of the many victims of knife crime in this country alone. I loved it because it was raising awareness for such an important issue and it was just incredible to look at. […]


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