Chatsworth Christmas Exhibit!

Hey guys!! So we have a tradition that every single year when we stay at my grandparent’s house, all of us will visit Chatsworth House to see the Christmas exhibit that is featured there every year. There is a different story theme each year and I can still remember the Alice in Wonderland and the Nutcracker ones from a couple of years ago which were both absolutely fabulous. This year, instead of focusing on telling one story to the people wandering through the house, each room or section of the house was dedicated to a certain story. The title this year was ‘Once Upon A Time’ which was very fitting. The stories featured were Charlotte’s Web, Beatrix Potter, The Elves And The Shoemaker, Cinderella, The Princess And The Pea, The Wizard Of Oz, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, James And The Giant Peach, Bagpuss, Arabian Nights And Aladdin And The Snowman. It was lovely experiencing the exhibit this year with the whole range of stories. So in today’s post, I’m going to describe the Chatsworth Christmas exhibit and grant you with my honest opinion of it.

As we entered the house, we were met with a gigantic, orange dragon which appeared to be sleeping but it occasionally roared.

Stepping into the next corridor, all the walls were decorated with a plethora of spider webs and white fairy lights and at the end of the corridor, there was a tree decorated with many silver ribbons and leaves with Wilbur the pig concealed inside it.

After that, there was another corridor with floral arches to walk through and flower window displays with the Beatrix Potter characters behind them.

Next, there was a screen projecting a black and white shadow film, revealing the main points of the Elves and the Shoemaker story. On the reverse side of the projection, there was a desk set up with all the tools for creating shoes and several pairs of shoes as well. Also, there was another Christmas tree with pink, yellow and blue ribbons draped across it and baubles of the same colours hanging from it too.

The next part was devoted to Cinderella with a stunning golden carriage, perched on a bed of pumpkins.

Then, we meandered round to the Princess and the Pea section with a magnificent four poster bed with a pile of mattresses and a tiny pea encased between them all.

After that, we entered the next corridor which featured fully pitch black walls with massive golden stars and strings of shining lights to represent the Wizard of Oz. The next room continued the theme with a grand sweeping staircase, leading to a Christmas tree with green decorations. There were also some more trees with thought tags attached to them, written by members of the public.

Next, we walked into a room with two screens with lace veiled over it and green leaves draped on top of it. The main points of the story of Sleeping Beauty were projected onto the screens and there was a spinning wheel off to the side of the screens.

Then, we meandered into the next two rooms which featured Mary Poppins’ key equipment for her business, a host of pastel kites, hanging from the ceiling, a projection of Mary Poppins’ with her umbrella on a rooftop onto a window and a myriad of different toys.

The James and the Giant Peach story was reflected through a giant peach with the characters from the story inside it that was suspended from the roof with white birds attached to the ropes.

After that, we meandered into the entrance to the next room with a display of all the characters from Bagpuss. As we entered the next room, there were Arabian style tents with an assortment of lamps, mats and candles spread across a table in front of them.

The final story, the Snowman, was reflected through the snowman posed on a balcony with snowflakes projected onto the walls behind. There were garlands of white flowers draped across the balcony. It was an incredible way to end an incredible exhibit.

I absolutely adored this exhibit with all the amazing stories it featured. I would have to say that my favourite part was the Princess and the Pea part as I love that story and the pile of mattresses upon the bed with the tiny pea underneath them all. I liked that this year, the exhibit featured lots of stories instead of just one and it was probably one of the best that I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait for the exhibit next year!

Thank you so much for reading this post! How was your Christmas? Let me know in the comments! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull

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  1. This looks so cool! So much attention to detail has been put into each display and it must have taken them forever to set up. I do think the Snowman in the last picture looks a little bit creepy but apart from that, I would have loved to have seen the display in person. I actually went to a lantern festival recently which was Alice In Wonderland inspired which was so cool – may have to write a blog post about it as I took so many good photographs.
    My Christmas was really good – excited for my birthday now! What was your favorite part of Christmas? xx

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    • Yeah I definitely agree! Haha yeah just a bit and I wish you could’ve seen it in person. Awww that’s so cool I’d love to read about it! Oohhh when is your birthday if you don’t mind me asking? Probably spending time with all my friends and family xx

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  2. This looks like a really fun exhibit to attend. I like how they did varied stories this year rather than the same story throughout, I think that definitely makes it more exciting. My favourite from the pictures would be Cinderella and Princess and the pea! Thanks for sharing Amelia πŸ™‚

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