Center Parcs for the weekend!

Hey guys!! Last weekend, me and my family stayed at Center Parcs in Sherwood for my dad’s 50th birthday. There were 9 of us in total: me, my mum, dad, sister Eloise, granny, grandad, auntie Rachel, uncle Fraz and cousin Orlaith. For anyone who doesn’t know, Center Parcs are a European brand of holiday villages with lodges for groups of people to stay in and all kinds of activities that cost extra money and facilities for people to take advantage of while they’re there. We checked in on Friday night and checked out again on Sunday night for school the next day although since you can vacation at Center Parcs for a minimum of 3 nights, we did pay for the extra night. My mum, auntie Rachel and uncle Fraz all completed one activity each. Me, Orlaith and Eloise participated in one activity each with an additional pottery workshop. My granny and grandad didn’t book any activities for them and my dad had two activities booked for him because it was his birthday. It was an amazing weekend and we all really enjoyed it. So in today’s post, I’m going to outline the events of the weekend.


Straight after school on Friday, we set off and journeyed to Center Parcs. Due to booking availability, we were only able to book a 4 person and 6 person lodge instead of a 10 person one altogether. We unpacked our belongings, ate some Pasta Bolognese altogether in the 6 person lodge by bringing a couple of chairs across so we could all be seated at the table and then we retired to bed.


Saturday was our busiest day! First, Auntie Rachel and Uncle Fraz rushed Orlaith to her pony trekking activity which she really enjoyed. Next up was my fashion model photo shoot. I love having my photo taken and posing for photos so this was a dream come true for me. I spent about 1.5 hours getting ready and I opted for a gypsy princess vibe with my outfit overall. My shoot was 30 minutes in total and for 20 minutes, the photographer directed me into different poses with different backgrounds, effects and props and captured loads of photos of me. She took about 120 pictures in total!! For about 10 minutes, we looked through the pictures and so many of them turned out to be beautiful! I receive one photos for free and we are considering buying an extra package as well and I genuinely have no idea how I’m going to narrow it down to just a few photos!

After that, we wandered down to watch some of Eloise’s mermaid swimming activity. In the activity, they were trained up to swim in the pool with a mermaid tail which is something she’d been dying to try for ages. She made one awesome mermaid and she had so much fun doing the activity. After a quick lunch, the next activities were my dad and auntie Rachel’s paddling boarding activity and my uncle Fraz’s kayaking activity. My dad has been interested in testing out paddle boarding for ages and he and my auntie Rachel received some great tuition to boost their paddle boarding skills. They and my uncle Fraz all had an amazing time completing their activities too.

While the water sport activities were happening, my granny took me, Orlaith and Eloise to one of the parks that was on-site. Even though I’m a teenager, there was still things I could go on and we all had fun testing out the different wooden pieces of park equipment.

Finally, it was time for our pottery activity. Eloise and Orlaith, being the artistically creative people that they are, picked a mermaid and rabbit to paint. I’m not really artistically creative, nor am I that patient so I chose a bowl, knowing it would be fairly easy to paint and it would be something I’d actually be able to use to eat out of. But instead of just going basic, I decided it would be fun to make it into a watermelon bowl like the display bowl in the pottery place. Surprisingly, with a bit of patience and a lot of paint, my bowl turned out well looking quite pleasing to the eye. We were told we could collect our masterpieces any time after 11 the following day and I was excited to see it after it’d been glazed over. We finished our day with a selection of party food for tea with a birthday chocolate cake for my Dad.


Sunday was a more tame day in comparison to Saturday. My parents started our day with a Segway activity and me, Eloise and my grandparents walked down with them to witness the beginning of their activity. It wasn’t a short walk either – 25 minutes there and about 20ish back as we decided to stop for a Starbucks coffee and to pick up our pottery pieces. On the way back to the lodges, we happened to coincidently meet up with my parents who’d really enjoyed their Segway experience despite being unsure of what to expect at first.

After a quick lunch, we all walked down to the swimming pool apart from my grandad who wasn’t keen to go in the pool. The swimming pool facilities were amazing – as well as hosting a massive swimming pool, there were several water slides and rides around the sides. In the time I was in the facilities, I tried out the rapids which bumped and dipped me with a strong current through a course. I also relaxed in the hot whirlpools and I tried out the grand cascade, a water slide where you and a couple of other people were propelled down the slide in a massive ring. I had so much fun doing all this particularly the grand cascade which I went on with my mum and auntie Rachel. After I’d done my time in the pool facilities, I got changed and met up with my grandad. We walked down to the pancake house and spent a bit of quality grandad grandaughter time together while eating some of the most delicious pancakes ever. My grandad ate a caramel cruncil pancake and I enjoyed an American pancake cookie monster stack. After that, we returned to the lodges, ate some pizza and chips together and then loaded up the cars, ready to depart. I was really sad to be leaving Center Parcs but I’d had an amazing, unforgettable weekend with some of my favourite people.

Thank you for reading this post!! Have you ever been to Center Parcs? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. My family and I used to go to Centre Parcs or Butlins every summer for our summer holiday – we loved doing all the various activities, swimming in the pool and cycling every where. I miss it but it is so expensive now! We actually did paddleboarding as part of our last visit to Centre Parcs and it was so much fun but also so hard. We had a tradition to go to the pancake house for our last breakfast and I would always get the biggest, sweetest pancake they had. xx

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    • Awww I bet that was so much fun! Yeah it is pretty expensive. That’s cool my dad did say that he enjoyed it but found it pretty challenging! Mmmm delicious my only regret is that we didn’t go to the pancake house as a whole family but it was lovely to just go with my grandad xx

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