AG Travel Diaries: Canada Part 2!!

Hey guys!! One of my recent posts focused on week 1 of my incredible holiday in Canada so this post is going to outline my second week in Canada. As you may already know from part 1, our main reason for residing in Canada for two weeks was because my mum’s cousin Katie was marrying her partner Damion and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to travel across to Canada for their wedding. We stayed in Nova Scotia which is where some of my family including Auntie Katie and Uncle Damion live and we toured around different places that were worth visiting there. Part 3 of this series which explores our city break to Toronto at the end of the holiday will be out soon. So in today’s post, I’m going to dive into our second week in Canada and all the events that happened.

Monday 30th July

We moved down south from Wolfville to Summerville and dropped in at Annapolis Royal on the way. It was a peaceful little town with a gorgeous water front. Before heading off again, we savoured some delicious ice creams and I chose a s’mores ice cream. We’d stayed at Summerville on our previous trip to Nova Scotia which we’d made 10 years ago and we just knew we had to return. The Summerville beach house wasn’t quite as spacious as the Air bnb with only two bedrooms and a sofa bed but what it did have were stunning views out onto the beach. The house overall had a cosy, homey feel to it. After we’d fully settled in, we drove down the road to where my extended family were staying and we all enjoyed some delicious fish and chips together.

Annapolis Royal


Tuesday 31st July

We spent a majority of the morning and afternoon enjoying the spectacular beach at Summerville. Between sand sculpting, body boarding and wave jumping, we had a relaxed but fun day at the beach. My extended family joined us at the beach in the afternoon since they’d been making the most of the pool that accompanied their villa. A little later on, we joined them at their villa for a BBQ to celebrate my great uncle Pete’s 70th birthday which had been and gone a couple of weeks earlier.

Wednesday 1st August

In the morning, we journeyed up to the peaceful, historic town of Shelburne which has an amazing water front and gorgeous old buildings. I savoured a yummy moonmist ice cream which is a Nova Scotia special of a blend of different berries. We met up with my extended family again in the afternoon, this time at Carters beach, which was a gorgeous, sandy beach with clear, blue waves. For 3 hours straight, we meandered down the beach, scanning the ocean floor for sand dollars which are a beautiful shell that can only be discovered in Nova Scotia. I struggled to find any at all and just as I was about to give up, a man came up to me and dropped the 3 sand dollars that he’d found into my hands. I was so shocked but grateful to him. After this, I fished out 3 sand dollars from the ocean floor which I was pleased with although, my cousin Sophia managed to collect 14 sand dollars in total!! As always, we returned to my family’s villa on the night for some delicious spaghetti bolognese. Afterwards, we wandered down the road to the local ice cream shop and I chose to savour an amazing hot fudge milkshake.

Carter’s beach

Sand dollars

Thursday 2nd August

We moved on from Summerville onto the Best Western Hotel in Bridgewater. On the way, we stopped at an amazing French style bakery with a great range of yummy cakes. I chose to have a delectable peanut butter granola bar. Near to the bakery, there was a ferry terminal where we drove onto the ferry in our car to reach our next destination which was Lunenburg, a colourful, historical town. All the shops and buildings were painted with all the colours of the rainbow and there were some aged buildings that had survived all this time. We meandered around the water front and boarded the Bluenose 2 boat which has a special place in Nova Scotian history. Nova Scotian residents are known as Bluenosers because of the thick wool mittens that were dyed blue and worn by fisherman from that area. Due to the harsh cold weather, fisherman would rub their noses with their mittens, therefore leaving their nose blue from the dye. We assume that the boat was named after that. Last time we visited Nova Scotia, we’d explored the original Bluenose boat but since then it had been rebuilt and enhanced. Next, we travelled around the town by horse and cart and received a guided tour where we learnt all about the fascinating history of the town and houses and buildings it hosted there. To finish off my Lunenburg experience, I had a scrumptious tea of seafood chowder and I bought some peanut butter fudge. After that, we left Lunenburg which saddened me since it was one of my favourite places we’d visited due to its interesting heritage and colourful buildings. We checked into the Best Western Hotel in Bridgwater for only one night.

My peanut butter granola bar

The Bluenose 2 boat

Some pictures from our horse drawn cart ride in Lunenburg

My yummy seafood chowder

Friday 3rd August

Again, we moved on from Bridgwater and paused at Blue Rocks on our journey. I was mesmerized with how photogenic Blue Rocks really was and what Scandinavian vibes it released to us. Our next stop was Mahone Bay, another gorgeous, water bordering town. After I’d enjoyed a quick lunch of a grilled sandwich with scrambled egg, onion, pepper and ham, we wandered around the vast selection of independent shops and purchased our millionth ice cream of the holiday. This time, I picked out the yummy flavour of cookie crumb. Since Mahone Bay is famous for its 3 churches that are located side by side, we naturally had to witness the sight of them and each one was beautiful and amazing in its own way. Our journey ended when we reached my great Auntie Jane and Uncle Pete’s which is where we’d arranged to stay for the next couple of nights.

Blue Rocks

My delicious lunch

Saturday 4th August

After a relaxed morning, we journeyed to the Shubenacadie River for Tidal Bore Rafting. Watch out for my upcoming blog post on this!!

Sunday 5th August

Most of our morning was spent preparing for our 2 hour flight to Toronto which was later in the day. Watch out for part 3 of this series to find out all about my adventures in Toronto!!

I can honestly say that I loved every second of my time in Nova Scotia and I can’t wait to return again. It was lovely to see all my family again and to witness my Auntie Katie get married to the love of her life!!

Thank you for reading this blog post!! I hope you enjoyed following my adventure in Nova Scotia. There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. The coloured houses are so pretty – they remind me of Nyhaven in Copenhagen and Notting Hill. It sounds like you had a lovely time away in Canada – I am so jealous because I have never been but would love to! What was your favourite part of this week and of the trip in general? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I agree!! Haha I really hope you get to go some day. Oohhh hard question!! Everything was amazing but from this week, I particularly liked Lunenburg and Blue Rocks. I can’t pick a fave part of the entire trip – I loved every second of it!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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