A-Z of Hull!!

Hey guys!! So I’ve seen the A-Z post before on both The diary of Ellie and Brighton Life but instead of it being all about me, I’ve personalised it to be centred around Hull. Some of the letters were really hard to generate words associated with Hull but in the end, I did succeed in completing the A-Z. Hopefully, you can learn more about Hull from this post!! So in today’s post, I’m going to list A-Z that will include all the elements that are part of Hull.

A- AMY JOHNSON. Amy Johnson is a heroine in Hull as she originated from Hull and was the first women to fly solo from England to Australia. You can read my blog post about her here.

Image source here

B- BACK TO OURS. Back to ours is a festival that runs through the half term holidays and incorporates lots of different events that are hosted by the different Hull secondary schools. In the past, it’s included events like ‘Driftwood’ and ‘Hotel Paradiso’.

C- CITY OF CULTURE. This is a pretty obvious one but if you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’d know that Hull claimed the city of culture title in 2017. Although it’s quietened down in 2018, there is still lots going on and I’ve witnessed such a transformation in Hull since it first became city of culture.

D- THE DEEP. Hull is home to the Deep which is one of the UK’s biggest aquariums and hosts a wide range of sea life. It’s a great day out for people of every age.

E- EBENEZER COBB MORLEY. Ebenezer Cobb Morley originated from Hull and he was an English sportsman. He is recognised as the father of the Football Association and modern football.

Image source here

F- FESTIVALS. Hull hosts a whole range of different festivals throughout the year which are wonderful to visit. They are centred around a wide range of themes such as music, literary, Film and much more. My two favourite festivals are The Big Malarkey Festival and the Freedom Festival.

The Blundabus at the Big Malarkey Festival

G- GALLERIES. There are lots of different art galleries located in Hull such as Ferens Art Gallery, Humber Street Art Gallery and Studio Eleven. I enjoy visiting them to experience the wide range of art that is displayed there.

H- HUMBER BRIDGE. The Humber Bridge is one of Hull’s most spectacular land marks and is ranked the 8th longest suspension bridge in the world. You can read my blog post about it here.

I- ICELAND. Hull and Iceland share a unique link with both of their seafaring heritages and years of trade. To highlight this, Hull and Iceland host statues called ‘Voyage’ and ‘For’.

J- JAMES RECKITT. James Reckitt founded the top British household products company ‘Reckitt and Son’s. He was also a philanthropist with many charitable works to his name. One of these was the Garden Village, crafted to house his 600 workers in Hull and it ran as a non profit organisation in his lifetime.

Image source here

K- KCOM. KCOM is Hull’s independent internet provider and is the whole reason for our city having cream instead of traditional red phone boxes. Lots of Hullenzians are employed by them and they sponsor our sport team’s stadium.

L- LAND OF GREEN GINGER. There is a street in Hull named ‘Land of Green Ginger’ and from this stemmed a whole collection of events as part of city of culture. We experienced two of the events: ‘Micropolis’ and ‘Land of Green Ginger: Unleashed’ and recently, every household within the city of Hull received a book which documents all these events in a picture story book.

M- HULL MINSTER. Hull Minster is a beautiful landmark in Hull with it’s intricate stone work and incredible stained glass windows. Back in 2017, it celebrated the fact it had finally become a Minster which you can click here to read about.

N- NIBBLE. Nibble is definitely one of my favourite Hull cafes. I love how the cafe is decorated and the wide selection of food and drink that they offer there. You can click here to read my review on it.

O- OLD TOWN. Hull’s old town is rich in museums, pubs, cafes and art galleries. It’s cobbled streets grant it with an authentic Edwardian feel and it’s recently claimed the title of the 8th hippest neighbourhood in England!!

P- PHONEBOXES. Hull is unique in its cream coloured phone boxes which are unique to the rest of the country’s trademark red boxes. This is because they are the only place not to use BT phone company.

Q- QUAYS. Hull has St Andrews and Princes Quay where ships used to dock due to fishing heritage. Both of these locations are now home to various shops and restaurants and Princes Quay has one of Hull’s best shopping centres on it’s former docks.

Princes Quay

R- RUGBY LEAGUE. Hull is lucky enough for both it’s rubgy teams to be competing in the Rugby Super League. These two teams are Hull FC from West Hull and Hull KR from East Hull and their rivalry splits the city in two.

S- SHIP MOSAIC. There is a stunning ship mosaic on the prior BHS building in Hull. Currently, there’s a petition to save this iconic mural as the BHS building lies abandoned and could potentially be knocked down, destroying the mosaic in the process. Hopefully, this won’t be the case as I feel that the mosaic is an important element of Hull.

T- TOILETS. Hull is famous for many things but one thing you may not expect it to be famous for is it’s toilets. It has many beautiful antique toilets and the toilets located at Victoria Pier are award winning.

U- HULL UNIVERSITY. Hull has an awesome university with a wide range of courses to choose from and excellent, committed staff. The campus is also modern and welcoming.

V- VENN DIAGRAMS. The creator of Venn Diagrams, John Venn, originated from Hull. The Venn Building at Hull University and the Drypool Bridge is dedicated to him and the bridge is decorated with beautiful circles like in a Venn Diagram.

Drypool Bridge at night

W- WHITEFRIARGATE. Whitefriargate is an excellent shopping street in Hull with a wide variety of shops. At the top of this street is Beverley Gate where the English Civil War began.

X- X MARKS THE SPOT. Come and visit Hull!! With a rich and exciting history and a vast range of activities for everyone, what more could you want?!

Y- YACHTS. There are many yachts that are docked at Hull Marina belonging to lots of different people. You can take a stroll around Hull Marina and witness all these yachts for yourself.

Z- ZEBEEDEES YARD. This is one of Hull’s best venues and it’s versatile as well since it doubles as a car park in the day. It has hosted gigs from bands such as the Flaming Lips. In addition, it has entertained Freedom Festival Events and the Hull Street Food Nights.

Thank you for reading this post!! Would you ever visit Hull? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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