Little Mix come to Hull?!!

Hey guys!! As you can probably guess from the title, Little Mix finally came to Hull and performed at Craven Park Stadium and I was lucky enough to witness it first hand. I’m a massive Little Mix fan and always have been ever since they first competed on X Factor back in 2011. If you have no idea who Little Mix are, here’s some context. They are a four piece British Band who won the X Factor ( national singing contest) back in 2011 and still claim the title of the first group ever to win on the show. Since then, they have released four albums and have toured 4 times already. They won the best British single for ‘Shout out to my ex’ and are internationally acclaimed artists. The tour they are currently on is called ‘The Summer Hits Tour’ and it highlights all of their best hits instead of promoting a specific album. I’ve watched them in concert once before back in 2016 on their ‘Get Weird Tour’ and that was just as amazing as this concert was. So in today’s post, I’m going to outline what the Little Mix Concert was like and grant you with my honest opinion of it.

Craven Park Stadium is a really handy venue for us because we live pretty close to it so my Dad acted as a taxi service for me, my mum and my sister and dropped us off. We had to queue for a bit to enter the stadium but it moved quite rapidly and they were fairly proficient at allowing people inside the venue. One negative point I will have to make about the concert though is the price of the programmes. It was literally just filled with pictures of the girls, an advert for their new make up brand and a small thank you note to their fans at the beginning and the whole lot cost Β£10. The quality wasn’t absolutely amazing either. But in their defence, at any concert or music festival you visit, everything is more expensive than usual so maybe that’s the reason why. In terms of seating, there was the Golden Circle (the really expensive tickets that were really close to the stage), regular standing tickets and seated tickets. We had regular standing tickets in the East stand so we decided to claim a space in the end section which was the only one that wasn’t completely packed out. We were right up against the wall of the stand and were a couple of feet up so we had a perfect view of the stage even if we were a bit far away.

Haim and Rak Su were supporting Little Mix on their tour and I enjoyed both of their performances. We only caught the tail end of Haim’s performance as we searched for a place to watch the concert but I’m definitely going to listen to some of their music again as I really liked their sound and stage presence. Rak Su did an awesome set as well featuring all their catchy music and a bit of DJing from one of their members. They got the audience fully amped up and ready for Little Mix’s arrival.

Rak Su performing
Haim performing

Little Mix arrived on the stage and the crowd screamed and cheered, soaking up their presence. Their set list was: ‘Touch’, ‘ReggaetΓ³n Lento’, ‘How ya doing?’, ‘Love Me Like You’, ‘Hair’, ‘Little Me’, ‘No More Sad Songs’, ‘Wings’, ‘Change Your Life’, ‘Move’, ‘Black Magic’, ‘Salute’, ‘Only You’, ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, ‘Secret Love Song’ and ‘Power’. I knew every single lyric from hours of singing along to their songs and I sang along and danced to my heart’s content, not caring in the slightest who was watching. Little Mix’s stage presence was amazing, their vocals were off the charts incredible and their dancing was perfectly in sync, never missing a beat. The lighting and projection onto the stage was perfectly choreographed as well and it really added an extra element of fun to the performance. During ‘Shout out to my ex’, several massive grey balls were released into the standing area in front of the stage and the audience lapped up the chance to bounce them about. My favourite songs they did were ‘Move’ and ‘Secret Love Song’ because they’re some of my favourite Little Mix songs and ‘Power’ because I loved their stage presence, dancing and the energy that they granted this with as their finale performance. Their performance started with a series of fireworks, shooting up into the sky and that’s also how it ended. Thousands of joyful Little Mix fans embarked on the journey home after an incredible night they’d never forget.

I absolutely loved the concert overall. All the key elements such as choreography, lighting, amazing vocals and high energy were all very clearly there. I also thought Craven Park Stadium entertained the 20000+ Little Mix fans extremely well and I’d love to see the girls and possibly other popular artists perform there again. It was generally well organised and from what I experienced, there were no major issues or problems from anything or anyone.

Thank you for reading this post!! Who is your favourire music artist? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Aw you are so lucky! I’d absolutely love to see Little Mix live. And Rak Su! I love Rak Su so much 😍 This concert sounds amazing, I love how it featured songs from all of their albums. Little Mix are definitely one of my favourite groups at the moments and I so hope I get to see them live one day. Glad you had fun lovely πŸ™‚

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  2. You’re so lucky!! I wasn’t able to get tickets to this tour, although I have seen them on their previous 3 tours. The girls really do have a great stage presence, no matter what song they sing, my personal favourite to hear live is ‘Change your life’. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert! x

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  3. Hi Amelia, I have a different take on this, I was in the Hull bus station, ok Interchange, waiting for my bus and scores or young girls, some as young as my youngest granddaughter, were hurrying to catch one of the many buses to this gig. The sheer joy, excitement, expectation of the night ahead was a joy to behold, it took me back to the heady days of the 1960’s when the many great groups of the day performed in Hull. The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, you name it, but the thing is the very same reaction was on the faces of those girls then that was evident on this particular evening. I know nothing about Little Mix but these young girls couldn’t wait to get to the gig, I hope it went well for them.

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    • Thank you for sharing this different take with me!! It just goes to show that while popular music and artists changes with time, the same feeling of excitement fans experience when going to see their favourite artist in concert never changes. 😊


  4. OMG it looks so fun! I’m not he biggest fun of Little Mix (thank you for the bit of contest, I really don’t know much about them) but there are some songs that I absolutely adore like Shoutout To My Ex and Work From Home (I think is called, I’m terrible with titles XD)

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  5. So jealous! I have seen Little Mix live once before and they always are incredible live. Did you find it weird watching a concert in an open stadium? I recently saw Taylor Swift in Wembley and the fact it was light outside really threw me off because normally concerts are in pitch black. I love HAIM – you should check out Want You Back if you haven’t already. I would say my favourite artist at the moment is Sarah Close, she’s a YouTuber/singer from the Isle of Wright. xx

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    • Yeah they are aren’t they? They always kill no matter what songs they sing or venue they perform at 😊 no I actually really liked watching it from an open stadium although it was a bit weird because they are normally pitch black aha. I’ve just downloaded it onto my phone so I can have a listen to it later πŸ˜€ oohhh I’ll have to check her out xx

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