Life by Orlaith: Her review of ‘Ziggy and the Moonlight Show’ by Kristyna Litten

Hey guys!! This week’s post transitions on well from last week’s interview with Kristyna Litten since I asked my little cousin Orlaith who is aged 5 to share her thoughts on one of Kristyna’s books with me. The book is titled ‘Ziggy and the Moonlight Show’ and while it is marketed at 2-6 year olds, I enjoyed reading the book with Orlaith. This post is also the beginning of a new series on my blog called ‘Life by Orlaith where I will explore the life of my little cousin and the opinions that she holds about different events, places that we visit and other things. So in today’s post, I’m handing the reigns over to Orlaith as she expresses her honest opinion of ‘Ziggy and the Moonlight Show’.

Firstly, I read through the book with Orlaith. After that, me and my family proceeded to ask her a series of questions and here’s how she answered.

AMELIA: Who was your favourite character from the story Orlaith?

ORLAITH: The birdie!!

Ziggy and Bird, the two main characters

AMELIA: What did you think of the book?

ORLAITH: I liked it.

AMELIA: Is there any parts you would change about the story?


AMELIA: Since the book is themed around animals, what’s your favourite animal and why?

ORLAITH: Rabbits because they hop and bounce up and down.

HELEN (MY GRANNY): What is your favourite page in the book?

ORLAITH: *points to the last page.

HELEN: Why do you like that one?

ORLAITH: It’s all filled with moths and they are so beautiful.

AMELIA: It’s very good illustrating. What do you think of the pictures in the book?

ORLAITH: I like them.

AMELIA: What was your favourite part of the story?

ORLAITH: I liked the bit where they came across the snake.

CLARE (MY MUM): Why did you like the bit about the snake best?

ORLAITH: Because they go ‘Sssssssssssss’.

CLARE: Do you like snakes?


CLARE: Have you ever seen a real one before?

ORLAITH: Yes because I’ve held one and stroked one before at the Sea Life Centre.

HELEN: It had got a scary face.

ORLAITH: I like scary snakes!!

HELEN: Is the bird on every page of the book?

ORLAITH: Yeah it is!!

CLARE: Why did you like the bird the best?

ORLAITH: Because they flap their wings.

AMELIA: And they go ‘hoo hoo!’ (That’s the sound the bird in the book makes)

AMELIA: How would you rate this book out of 5 stars Orlaith? (I explained to her how you’d rate the book)

ORLAITH: I would say 5 stars.

ALL: That’s brilliant!!

AMELIA: What was the most exciting bit about the book?

ORLAITH: The frog bit!!

HELEN: Why was that exciting?

ORLAITH: Because they’ve got their tongues wrapped around the dragon flies.

AMELIA: I didn’t even notice that bit!!

RACHEL (ORLAITH’S MUM): Were there any sad bits in the book?


RACHEL: Were there any scary bits in the book?


AMELIA: The snake could be considered a scary bit.

ORLAITH: But I liked the snake!!

AMELIA: It was a scary bit for the characters though.

RACHEL: If one of your friends asked you what Ziggy and the Moonlight Show was about, what would you say?

ORLAITH: It’s about them (Ziggy and Bird) trying to find a little chick and going to watch a show.

HELEN: Did they find the show?

ORLAITH: Yes they did.

HELEN: What was special about it?

ORLAITH: There was dancing and all the animals were there to see it.

HELEN: Was it in the day time or night time?

ORLAITH: Night time.

RACHEL: Do you think boys or girls would enjoy this book?


RACHEL: Why do you think girls would like it more?

ORLAITH: Because all girls like birds!!

RACHEL: What do you think boys would like about the book?

ORLAITH: I think they would like the snake bit and the tiger bit.

RACHEL: What do you think girls would like in the book?

ORLAITH: The party bit at the end of the book.

AMELIA: Would you read this book again?


A massive thank you to Orlaith because without her, this post wouldn’t be possible. She answered all the questions really well for a child of her age and endured us grilling her about the book really well. Also, thanks to my family for helping me with inventing questions to ask Orlaith for the review!!

Thank you for reading this post!! Do you know any kids that might enjoy this book? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. This is honestly a really lovely post idea – I will have to bookmark this too for christmas because i have loads of younger cousins who might like this book. Also, the name Orlaith is BEAUTIFUL, I wish I had such an ethereal name! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a cute post – your cousin sounds adorable! I don’t know anyone between the ages of 2 and 6 to recommend the book too unfortunately, perhaps for my future children?!? xx

    Liked by 1 person

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