AG Travel Diaries: Liverpool Part 2!!

Hey guys!! So last week, I described my first two days of holiday in ‘Liverpool Part 1’ so this week, I’m going to outlining what my last day in Liverpool was like. In case you didn’t get to read last week’s post, me and my family spent a few of days away in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago and I greatly appreciated the chance to explore such an amazing city. I resolved to segregate my travels into two separate posts just because we crammed so much into three days and it would create a very lengthy blog post altogether!! So in today’s post, I’m going to illustrate what my last day in Liverpool was like.


To start off with, we investigated Liverpool’s two cathedrals. This really excited me because I’m not particularly sure why but I have a real soft spot for all cathedrals: I just think they are so beautiful and spectacular. While heading towards Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral, we happened upon the China town area of Liverpool which featured a magnificent oriental gateway with intricate mosaics and Chinese writing. I snapped a couple of pictures before carrying on towards the Cathedral. The Cathedral was massive and towered over all the other buildings in the area. It’s exterior stone work was simple but effective and it was coloured a chocolate brown shade. However, within the Cathedral, my breath was taken away. It appeared regal with curving archways and delicate stone carvings. The lights illuminating it’s top balcony granted it with a slightly gothic feel and the complex, vivid stain glass windows were stunning. There was also an exhibit occurring when we were in the Cathedral featuring a humongous silvery moon, dangling from the ceiling. This just added even more to it’s beauty and caused my levels of admiration for the Cathedral to skyrocket.

Next up was the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. It was unlike any of the cathedrals I’d ever seen in my life and had a modern design and unusual shape. A triangular piece of stone work proudly stuck to the front of it with beautiful crosses carved into it. A grand staircase led up to it since the Cathedral was built high up. It’s interior certainly matched it’s stylish exterior with vibrant colours everywhere brightening the building and a gorgeous, multi coloured stained glass window on the roof. Unlike the other Cathedral, which was buzzing with activity, there was a service taking place when we visited so there was a defeaning silence that echoed out. I really enjoyed wandering around both of the Cathedrals which were both beautiful and unique in their own way.

After that, we stumbled across a gorgeous, independent cafe called Cuthbert’s which we decided to try out. Since I’d had a massive breakfast back at the hotel, I didn’t really want much for my lunch so I chose a delicious red velvet cupcake and an iced latte from the menu. They both tasted amazing and I would definitely recommend Cuthbert’s to eat at if you ever visit Liverpool.

Our final stop before heading home again was the World Museum. It hosted 5 floors, full of different information to absorb and different things to learn about. The first floor focused on sea life and it was similar to a massive aquarium, home to a whole range of fish.

On the second floor, we meandered around the bug house which was fascinating but slightly scary because I’m not a massive fan of bugs in general.

Once we reached the third floor, we decided to stroll around the Ancient Egyptian Gallery. Since I love history, I would have to say this was my favourite part of the museum. I was really interested to see all the pottery, bones, jewellery and other historical items they’d acquired from this era of time. They also had a room filled with Egyptian mummies where they’d collected information about each one to accompany them and I was particularly captivated by this part of the exhibit.

We skipped the fourth floor because it wasn’t really of interest to us and climbed our way up to fifth floor. This highest floor was all about space and time which were separated into two separate rooms. The time room was crammed with examples of clocks and watchs from 1500s all the way through to the 1960s. The space section was teeming with rockets, telescopes, Moon rock and models of the solar system. Overall, the museum was brimming with information about a whole range of different topics and I really enjoyed my visit there.

So this was the end of my visit to Liverpool!! I absolutely loved exploring the city and immersing myself into it’s culture and I would definitely like to visit again in the future.

Thank you for reading this post!! Where is your favourite travel destination? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. okay for one, i loved your bit about cathedrals. i have always wanted to visit one because they seem so beautiful and ornate and like you would feel something so moving when spending time there. ALSO THAT AQUARIUM LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL IVE NEVER SEEN ONE IN A BUILDING LIKE THAT. loved this post so much!

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  2. I completely understand what you mean about cathedrals; they’re all such beautiful pieces of architecture and they have a real sense of atmosphere to them too.. This trip sounds AMAZING! Glad you had such a good time ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

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  3. I already knew that Liverpool is must visit place, but your posts are just making me so excited to one day go and see all the beautiful and unique places in Liverpool. I love historical elements, those are my favorite to see while travelling. xx

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  4. It must have been so cool to learn about the history behind the place you were visiting! I love visiting museums when I visit places because it really makes you appreciate the architecture of the place more. xx

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