Bridlington Kite Festival!!

Hey guys!! This Saturday, I attended Bridlington Kite Festival along with my family. Bridlington is located about 40 minutes away from where I live and is one of my favourite beach towns to visit. The festival actually unfolded at Sewerby Fields with bountiful amounts of kites teeming in the skies. The event was hosted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Nothern Kite Group and kindly sponsored by St Stephen’s shopping centre. It was programmed to extend over both Saturday and Sunday. Over the 2 days, there was a schedule of different themed kites that would be unleashed into the air including kites from around the world, oriental kites and rainbow delta kites. The Food village also accompanied the festival with a wide selection of food and drink options to choose from and some rides to entertain kids as well. So in today’s post, I’m going to review the Bridlington Kite Festival and share my honest opinion of it.

We arrived at the Festival at about 2:15 and were immediately in awe of the beauty that the kites floating in the air grasped. There was a whole host of unique kites from animals like octopus, jellyfish, bears and owls to special oriental kites. This lead us to believe that they only dismantled a few kites at a time and allowed the main body of kites to drift through the sky. While we were still watching, two members of the Northern Kite Group welcomed back in two shark kites and launched a dog inflatable kite into the sky in their place. I was in love with pretty much all the kites but my favourite would have to be the rainbow octopus one because of it’s floaty multi coloured legs and delicate design. I can’t imagine how much work it must have taken to manage all 30 kites so I have lots of respect for the members of the Northern Kite Group.

The Assembly of the dog inflatable kite

After we’d surveyed all of the beautiful kites, we decided to wander over through the Food Village. There was a whole variety of food and drink stalls and I was completely shocked to discover one that even sold Yorkshire Pudding Pancakes!! In the end, my parents purchased some hot drinks and also a pack of shortbread cookies for us all to share. We perched ourselves on a bench and watched the kites from a distance as they fluttered and sailed through the air. I noticed that all around us, people were aviating kites of all sizes and colours through the air and it was lovely to witness people enjoying the simple joy of kite flying.

The Food Village

To end off such a wonderful day, we dropped in at ‘Del Gelato’ after our tea and I finally got to savour one of their scrumptious waffle sundaes which I’d been craving for so long.

My snickers ice cream waffle sundae

To conclude, I really enjoyed the Kite Festival and the amazing, unique kites it accommodated. I’d love to see it back again next year and possibly as a regular festival from now on.

Thank you for reading this post!! Do you like kites? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Aww how fun!! I’ve never been to a kite festival πŸ™‚ I need to visit one now, haha! That octopus one is so fun. Ooh the dessert you got at the end of the day looks fantastic! Yummy! ❀ Great post, Amelia!

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