‘The Golden Hour’ installation!!

Hey guys!! This week, for four nights only, as part of the ‘Look Up’ series, some of Hull’s most iconic landmarks were complimented and emphasised with different coloured lights for ‘The Golden Hour’ installation!! The ‘Look Up’ series has brought unique and interesting events in the past such as ‘Elephant in the room’ and ‘Floe’ and ‘The Golden Hour’ Light Show amazed people just as much. The artist, Nayan Kulkarni, has succeeded in creating an incredible installation for Hullenzians and tourists alike to enjoy. If you are interested in seeing this beautiful installation, it’s still running on Saturday and Sunday night and I would definitely recommend checking it out. So in today’s post, I’m going to further describe what this stunning installation was like in person and share my honest opinion of it with you all.

Wandering around Hull at night, it was simply magical to behold some of the infamous tourist attractions with different coloured lights highlighting them to the public. In Trinity Square, the Andrew Marvell statue recieved a make over with a blood red light shining onto it, causing an eeerie shadow of it to reflect onto the wall behind it. Hull Minster was also spotlighted with a sunset orange light cascading down one of it’s walls. Moving onto Queen Victoria Square, Hull City Hall, the Maritime Museum and the newly installed fountains were all accentuated with beautiful different coloured lights which altered themselves every so often. Since the summer, it was the first time I’d watched the water of the fountain spurt out from holes in the ground and the ever changing lights further enhanced it to create a breath taking sight to behold. After that, we walked over to the Rose Bowl Fountain of Queen’s Gardens which had also been transformed with the incredible lights and we watched as the water gushing and flowing in the fountain was illuminated by a rainbow of colours. The last attraction that we saw to be articulated as part of the installation were the monuments of Strength and Maritime Prowess which rest on top of the Guildhall. Like all the other attractions to be lit up, the beauty of the statues was greatly flaunted with the colour changing spotlight. I immensly enjoyed seeing some of Hull’s most glorious attractions being accentuated with gorgeous lights and if you are interested, I would definitely reccomend going to see this installation as it’s stunning.

Thank you for reading this post!! What tourist attractions are there where you live? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


      • The beaches are beautiful but get quite over crowded during the summer. It use to not be that way but then every one found us hahaha now lots of people from all come during the summer. The fort is Fort Macon and was contructed to protect the Beaufort inlet. It was built in the early 1800’s. It’s really pretty with all the stone and brickwork. It’s now considered a state park and the most visited or second most visited in our state, although it is one of the smallest. Something like a million people a year come to see it. It’s pretty much surrounded by the ocean so it has amazing views.

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      • Awww the beaches sound lovely it’s a shame they get crowded in Summer though. Wow it’s so good that lots of people from your state visit Fort Macon – a million people is a lot of people 😀 and it’s great that it has spectacular views xx

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  1. Wow the installation is so beautiful! There are a lot of attractions in London haha so a quick wander will definitely lead you to something beautiful or interesting 🙂

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